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Today we are curious what other Crime Bloggers or fellow Mystery Enthusiasts are out there in the writing community around us. So much of the ‘true crime’ genre on social media is managed by podcasters with very little emphasis on those who enjoy the old-fashioned but much loved written form of story-telling.

Now we want to know more about you! What is your focus? Who’s your favorite detective? Are you true crime or fiction? Tell us all about your blog and share the links! We might even make a formal list of the responses!

We’ll start! Our website is The Suitcase Detective and we cover everything mystery! This is still a little under development as we are attempting to finish a dissertation, so games and novels haven’t really been a major focus yet. But we already have dozens of articles about True Crime, Missing Persons, and Film Reviews! If it’s mystery . . . . we’re interested! 😊🔍

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