Temporary Absence During Travel

Hello everyone!

You may or may not know that the authors of this blog have been wandering nomads for the better part of a year at this point, so this whole project has been developing while we were on the road. In January 2020, we left our jobs and home in northern China for the Spring Festival held during Lunar New Year’s. The trip was only meant to be a little less than a week and we packed one suitcase each. . . . but plans change, viruses come, and the whole world went (to put it mildly) insane.

Unable to return home, we have now been wandering from place to place, but at last the doors have reopened. Assuming all goes well, we will be traveling to China in the coming week and then living out a month (4 weeks +) in government mandated quarantine. Before anyone worries, we will be taking absolute precautions and about a dozen COVID-19 tests in the process of our travel.

Given how tumultuous everything is guaranteed to be, we have decided to put everything on hold (except a couple of pre-written posts) until April 2 when we should be relatively stationary again. Don’t worry, we will be back!

So wish us luck, and stay safe yourselves. If you haven’t had a chance, please check out ‘Never Quit Looking – our database for missing persons, unidentified remains, and unsolved homicides. Thank you darlings, and sending you all our love!


Wushu Ceremony in Henan, China (2017)

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