United We Stand To Find the Lost and Missing

Finding missing persons is one time politics has no place in the discussion. Political disputes and alternative views on government or economics should never be permitted to stand in the way of offers to help or opportunities to cooperate in the search for a missing person.

There are 7.67 Billion people populating this earth, of whom some 76% are adults with all the capabilities to cooperate in and participate in the search. That amounts to nearly eleven billion eyes that could be watching and helping us to find our missing families, friends, and children. When a person goes missing, it’s all hands on deck. Not one person should be turned away from the search without clear evidence of nefarious purposes.

Regardless of political standing or personal ideology, it is time for us to unite in the demand for justice. We may have flown to the Moon. . . built skyscrapers reaching the heavens. . . created self-driving vehicles. . . . but none of those accomplishments matter if we cannot protect and defend our most vulnerable and oppressed when it matters. If we cannot set aside our disputes to synergize the resource billions of people might provide in our search for the lost, what right have we to take pride in our ‘great human race’? Even animal herds will unite to protect the vulnerable.

We should not be the age remembered solely for its advances in electronics, identification, and tracking capabilities – we should be the age remembered for devoting those resources where they were most needed.

It’s all hands on deck. . . . and we welcome all who answer the call.

This is why our logo for ‘Never Quit Looking‘ adopts the forget me not. A flower that reminds us all to unite . . . and to Never Quit Looking for the Lost, Missing, Unidentified, and Unsolved. Bring them Home, or Bring them Justice.

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