“Never Quit Looking” (Name Change)


We have made the significant decision to change the name of our global database of missing persons, unsolved homicides, and unidentified remains to “Never Quit Looking.”

The main reason behind this change is that we have become aware (through our own research) that there is an existing website using a similar name to our original title. While our content is different, we want to plan for the long-term success of our site. We will make the change now, before we grow any larger, so that our links are static reliable for you the readers.

To avoid any possible mix-ups – we are now proudly designating our database “Never Quit Looking”!

Relevant Changes:

  1. You can access our website through both our traditional “The Suitcase Detective” domain or a new domain: NeverQuitLooking.com.
  2. You can email us about Never Quit Looking specifically using our ProtonMail protected email address: neverquitlooking@pm.me.
  3. The URL for our Database has changed to: https://thesuitcasedetective.com/never-quit-looking/

We are excited about the update and hope that you will continue to visit and show support for our system.

*We have attempted to update all links and images, but if you do observe anything on our site still pointing back to the old name please let us know!

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