Christian Hohl (Missing Man)

Christian Hohl (Missing Person)

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Nickname: Unknown
Alternative Name: Unknown

La Apoda: Desconocido
Nombres alternativos: Desconocido

Disappearance (Desaparición)

Missing from: Wilhelm-Gause-Gasse 6, Krems an der Donau, Austria
Date Missing: December 5, 2017 (Tuesday)*
Suspect: Unknown

Falta de: Wilhelm-Gause-Gasse 6, Krems an der Donau, Austria
Falta en la fecha: 5 de diciembre de 2017 (martes)*
Sospechoso: Desconocido

Some sources say December 4, 2017 (Monday)
Algunas fuentes dicen 4 de diciembre de 2017 (lunes)

Circumstances (Circunstancias)

Christian was a young man just starting to build his own future when he disappeared abruptly on winter in 2017. He was close with his family, particularly his mother, and was still living at home with her and his sister at the time. When his father passed away in 2008, Christian was only eleven and took his death very poorly. He began smoking cannabis and eventually became a frequent user.

In 2015, he ingested Ecstasy pills that triggered a psychotic episode permanently altering his personality. Prior to that, he had been relatively shy and quiet, but afterwards he was far more introverted and withdrawn. He began spending more time online or at video games and lost contact with many of his friends. He had also quit his apprenticeship as a tiler and another apprenticeship as a painter.

Nonetheless, medical reports suggest that he should be able to maintain a steady career if supported properly. To that end, he had been seeing a psychologist and appeared to be improving mentally and was doing quite well. According to his mother and his psychologist, Christian showed no signs of being depressed or suicidal (Link). He told his mother that he dreamed of becoming self-employed eventually (he worked in housing fabrication by trade) and purchasing his own bachelor pad. He and his mother had often talked about how he would set it up once he had his own place. In the meantime, he spent his spare time talking with his best friend over the phone and playing video games with online friends from Germany.

Despite his plans of expanding his wings, there was nothing to suggest that he had any plans of leaving the area or that he would have ever left without first informing his mother. His disappearance then came as a complete surprise and make the likelihood that he ran away highly suspect.

That winter day brought sleet and frigid temperatures to Krems as Christian slept in at home until around 11:00am. He headed to the living room where he sat with his mother for a while. That afternoon, he ate lunch with his mother as they relaxed around the house, a comforting meal of sausage, cheese, bread, and sliced tomatoes. They then watched television together until Christian’s best friend (“X”) arrived to visit in the afternoon. According to his mother, Christian had been receiving an unusual number of phone calls throughout the day but she is not sure why.

Christian and X. hung out for a while on the apartment balcony until eventually Christian sent X. to the ATM with his bank card asking him to pull out 700 Euros for an unknown reason. X. made it back around 6:00pm (18:00) and they arranged plans to play video games later that night. X. finally left at approximately 7:00pm (19:00) but his plans to return to Christian’s house were delayed due to an argument that arose between him and his girlfriend.

In the meantime, Christian went back downstairs with his mom until they eventually ran out of cigarettes. At approximately 9:00pm (21:00), Christian volunteered to run to a nearby vending machine around the corner to pick up another pack. He did not plan to be gone long (the trip would be about 5 minutes) and took with him very little. He was wearing blue jogging pants and grabbed a black jacket, sneakers, and a white baseball cap as he headed out. Although initial sources said he had only 140 Euros and no phone (Link), newer reports say he had a new iPhone, his ATM card, and the 700 Euros that X. had withdrawn earlier that day (Link). As he headed out, his mother asked if he had the apartment keys; he responded “Yes, mom!” and walked out the door.

When half an hour passed, Christian’s mother became concerned and attempted to call his phone. Unfortunately, she only got the voicemail; there was no communication from Christian. By the time X. arrived at around 11:30pm (23:30), the police were already at the home and Christian was nowhere to be seen.

Police initially told his mother that there was little they could do to assist her; Christian was already 18 and they said he had the right to leave home as he wished. It would not be until two weeks later that the State Criminal Police took over the investigation. They searched not only the area around his home, but also places in Romania where extended family were living as well as his computer for possible clues. Despite efforts to find him, there still remains no answer as to why or where Christian went that day.

It is possible that he was more involved in drugs that his mother originally knew. One friend says she believes he may have moved from consuming to dealing drugs locally and was gambling at area betting shops occasionally (Link). His friend X. thinks it is possible he headed to Germany where his online gaming friends lived. It does not appear however that any of this information has been confirmed with more than one source.

In the years that have passed since his disappearance, Christian’s mother has never lost hope that he would return someday. The stress and grief and led to heart problems and three by-passes, but she continues searching for her missing son.

Christian and his Mother (Source)

“I am very religious, God has often helped me in difficult situations. That’s why I fervently pray to him every day – that at some point my Christian will stand in front of my door, smile and say: ‘Mom, it just took a little longer to get the cigarettes. But now I’ll never leave you again.’”

Christian’s Mother (Source)

Christian Hohl ➜ That December day brought wintery weather conditions that kept Christian at home with his mother for most of the day. Late in the afternoon, he visited with his best friend who stopped by and the he spent the evening watching television with his mom. At approximately 9:00pm, Christian headed to a vending machine around the corner to get more cigarettes for them. He never returned and has not been seen since. #truecrimetiktok #coldcasetiktok #MissingPerson #truecrime #unsolved

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Description (Descripción)

  • Date of Birth: Approximately 1997
  • Age: 20
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: Austria
  • Gender at Birth: Male
  • Hair: Short, Light Brown Hair
  • Eye Color: Unknown
  • Height: ~ 6’0″ (183cm)
  • Weight: Thin
  • Languages Spoken: Unknown
  • Fecha de Nacimiento: Aproximadamente 1997
  • Años: 20
  • Etnia: Caucásico
  • Nacionalidad: Austria
  • Sexo al nacer: Masculino
  • Color de Pelo: Pelo castaño claro corto
  • Color de los ojos: Desconocido
  • Altura: ~ 6’0″ (183cm)
  • Peso: Delgado
  • Idiomas: Desconocido

Distinguishing Marks or Factors (Características Distintivas)

  • Scar on the back of his head, visible when he had short hair.
  • Known to smoke cannabis.
  • Cicatriz en la nuca, visible cuando tenía el pelo corto.
  • Conocido por fumar cannabis.

Medical Concerns (Atención Médica)

  • In 2015, he took Ecstacy pills which caused him to suffer from a psychosis that changed his personality.
  • En 2015 tomó pastillas de éxtasis que le provocaron una psicosis que cambió su personalidad.

Suspect (Sospechoso)

  • Unknown
  • Desconocido

Clothing (Ropa)

  • Black jacket
  • Blue jogging sweatpants
  • White Baseball Cap
  • Sneakers
  • Wallet with no ID. ATM Card. 700 Euros. New iPhone.
  • Keys
  • Chaqueta negra
  • Pantalón jogging azul
  • Gorra de béisbol blanca
  • Zapatillas
  • Monedero sin DNI. Aproximadamente 140 euros
  • Llaves

Vehicle (Vehículo)

  • Unknown
  • Desconocido

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