An extensive (and always growing) list of mystery novels from around the world.

  • Have you read all of these?
  • Which are on your ‘to read’ list?
  • Which are the best?
  • The worst?
  • Any we should add?

This list is frequently updated whenever we have time or read new novels. If you have any recommendations (from any country) please share in the comments!

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**This article contains affiliate links

*We define ‘Cozy Mystery’ as a work with minimal sex, violence, psychological intrigue, or gruesome depictions (e.g., not thriller – Nancy Drew, Agatha Christie).

*Some works may deal with difficult / adult subjects and imagery. You should read online reviews and read at your own discretion.

Incorporation into this list does not reflect the views or opinions of The Suitcase Detective; it’s not a recommendation or endorsement. Just a statement that it exists and is primarily based on a mystery.


Non-Fiction & True Crime

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