Submit a Public Notice for Unsolved Crimes



We share information about various unsolved cases on our website. These include:

  • Unsolved Homicide
  • Missing Persons
  • Unidentified Bodies

If you would like to share information about a missing person, please email us ( The information we need is in the chart below. If there is something you do not know, leave that box blank. You can write in your original language, fine!

We can help create a poster with information about your missing person. We will email you. You can share the poster with anyone you know!


  1. Cases less than a year old will only be shared as an individual notice on our blog (Home Page).
  2. Cases more than a year old will also be incorporated into the Never Stop Looking database (Link).
  3. We ask that anyone with information contact us as soon as possible if updates are available, particularly if the person has been found, the case solved, or the body identified.
  4. The case can originate from anywhere in the world and will be shared regardless of nationality.
  5. Cases are processed entirely based upon order of receipt by The Suitcase Detective.
  6. We do not handle “parental abduction” cases as those are not necessarily illegal dependent on nationality. We prefer to leave these cases up to police and governmental authorities.
  7. We only include cases involving children in certain situations. The case must be on file with the police. We will only share information the police, charitable services, the families, or other government agencies have agreed should be made public.
  8. We also want to protect innocent people who want to escape. All viewers will be directed to the national police agency. They will not contact you in person. Please be sure to contact your national or local police first. They should have a register of the missing person in the file in case the information is reported.
  9. We will remove any posting if we are contacted by the following people:
    • Any police or governmental agency
    • The individual in question (after proof of identity is given)
    • Any legal representative of the individual in question (after proof of identity is given)
    • If there is any suspicion that the person involved is a refugee or victim who is in hiding





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Warning & Disclaimer:

When we share a case report, it is posted to multiple sites including but not limited to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Gab, MeWe, Tumblr, and YouTube. Third parties are able to share these posts or to save and record the information published. While we remove cases as soon as notified, we cannot be responsible for these third parties. This means information removed from our platforms may still exist on other platforms or on other accounts.

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