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The Suitcase Detective is a site combining an interest in international mysteries with a passion for improving international awareness of missing persons.

We Investigate international intrigue in everything from real live mysteries to fiction, film, and games. We bring the mystery – you bring the answers.

We offer reviews, updates, and listings of domestic and foreign literature, shows, and films delving into the murder, mayhem, and mystery.

The Suitcase Detective also posts notices regarding missing persons and true crime from around the world. Crime knows no borders, but police departments do. Local and national exposure is no longer enough to properly identify trends and bring awareness to potential witnesses.

With this in mind, we have developed a global database of unsolved major crimes and disappearances — “Never Quit Looking”. This database is sortable by more than a dozen factors (e.g. hair color, scenario of the disappearance, distinguishing characteristics, nationality, vehicle, suspect description, etc.) and can be mapped with Google Maps. This database is regularly updated.

If you know a missing person / unsolved murder and want us to post their information and/or add them to the database, please fill out this form. If you know of an unsolved major crime (non-fatal) and want us to share the details or cover the story, please fill out this form.

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Opinions expressed by The Suitcase Detective are our own and are merely theoretical. They are not statements of fact and are mainly based on extensive research into the cases and notices or case files published by government and official organizations. The Suitcase Detective intends no disrespect to the families of those persons referenced on this site. This website is intended to increase international exposure to both fictional and non-fictional cases.

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