Following is a master list of all the various missing person and true crime cases covered on this blog. Sorting is in alphabetical order.

These cases are those which have been given additional coverage, but hundreds more have been posted to Never Quit Looking – our database for missing persons, unsolved homicides, and unidentified persons.

  1. Aaron Payne (Australia)
  2. Alessandro Omar Sandoval Quintana (Peru)
  3. Alexis Patterson (United States)
  4. Allan Whyte (Australia)
  5. Angela Celentano (Italy)
  6. Aref Ismaili (Germany)
  7. Artur Carja (Albania)
  8. Bethany Markowski (United States)
  9. Breasia Terrell (United States)
  10. Bryton Ellis (United States) – *Found!
  11. Choi Jaemyeong (South Korea)
  12. Dana Rishpy (Mexico)
  13. Dylan Norman John Ehler (Canada)
  14. Duc Ly (ĐỨC LÝ) (Britain)
  15. Elise Dallemagne (Thailand) – *Solved; Unanswered Questions
  16. Elizabet Ramos Alonso (Spain)
  17. Emma Grace Cole (United States) – *Solved
  18. Endri Dumani (Albania)
  19. Eri Kaneko (金子恵理ちゃん) (Japan)
  20. Eva Dumani (Albania)
  21. Gurbanov Dilgam Giyas (Belarus)
  22. Heaven LaShae Ross (United States)
  23. Hema Devi Karwal (Nepal)
  24. Hoang Hai (Britain)
  25. John Bennett (Australia)
  26. John DoeCase #20-007104 (Britain)
  27. John Doe – Case #84-73082 (United States)
  28. Juan Carlos Hernandez (United States) *Solved
  29. Karen Adams (United States)
  30. Kirsa Mary Jensen (New Zealand)
  31. Lisset Soto Salinas (Mexico)
  32. Lori Ann Boffman (United States)
  33. Madison Sparrow (United States) – *Solved
  34. Mark Palmer (Spain)
  35. Matthew Alan Mullaney (Italy)
  36. Maureen Braddy (Australia)
  37. Moshe Madar (Israel)
  38. Nicola Sallese (Australia)
  39. Peter Douglas Coop (New Zealand)
  40. Raylene Susan Helsley (United States)
  41. Richard Halliday (United States)
  42. Sarah Nicole Perkins (United States) – *Found!
  43. Shannon Paulk (United States)
  44. Shelley Cameron Morgan (Britain)
  45. Sima Mazeid (סימה מזייד) (Israel)
  46. Springfield Three (United States)
    • Suzanne Streeter
    • Stacy McCall
    • Sherrill Levitt
  47. Stanley Lionel Cooper (Australia)
  48. Summer Moon-Utah Wells (United States)
  49. Suzanne Morphew (United States)
  50. Tabitha Tuders (United States)
  51. Tej Chitnis (Australia)
  52. Teresa Dean (United States)
  53. Tionda & Diamond Bradley (United States)
  54. William Day (Australia)
  55. Xavior Harrelson (United States)
  56. Vachagan Asatryan (Armenia)
  57. Vuong Tu (Britain)
  58. Vuong Tu Ahn (Britain)

*Updated 7/31/2021

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