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These cases discuss missing persons and unidentified remains regardless of whether crime was suspected or not.

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  • The Melbourne Club Connection (True Crime)
    The Melbourne Club Connection ➜ Between 1954 and 1990, three women of similar circumstances disappeared and/or were murdered in the Melbourne area.  Although decades spanned one case from another, police have reason to believe the three incidences may have been the work of the same individual. 
  • Patrik Linfeldt (Missing Person)
    Patrik Linfeldt ➜ Patrik was last seen traveling by train to Malmö. He got off at the wrong station but did not board a new train. His suitcases were found north of the train station in a wooded area.
  • Lina Sardar Khil (Missing Person)
    Lina Sardar Khil ➜ A little girl disappeared from the play area / courtyard of her family’s apartment complex in San Antonio, Texas. Foul play may have been involved. Her family were Afghan refugees and she speaks Pashto.
  • François Thillman (Missing Man)
    François Thillman ➜ François went out to celebrate graduation and a new job with some friends in Paris, France. He was last seen injured by a witness the next morning. François was just one of several men of similar descriptions who disappeared across France in winter 2010-2011 under similar circumstances.
  • Dana Jane Bruce (Missing)
    Dana Jane Bruce ➜ Young single mother left her cherished children with the babysitter and went out with a friend. She planned to return the next day. . . but vanished in the night.
  • James Patrick Grealis (Missing Person)
    James Patrick Grealis ➜ A young Irish expat working as a carpenter in the Netherlands disappeared after checking out of his hotel in Breda. There has been no trace of him in more than a decade, despite an extremely close relationship with his family.

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