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These cases discuss missing persons and unidentified remains regardless of whether crime was suspected or not.

If you would like to view a more extensive list of missing persons, unidentified remains, and unsolved murders, check out ‘Never Quit Looking’ – our global database

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An extensive list of Missing Person databases from around the world.

Some include all ages; others center on Missing Children

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Contact information for the various police agencies around the world dedicated to missing persons.

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  • Blake Chappell (Unsolved Homicide)
    Blake Chappell ➜ Blake was walking home from his girlfriend’s house around 5:30 am when he disappeared. His body was found two months later floating in a nearby stream. Time of death: Unknown. Cause of death: Shot in the neck.
  • Opelika Sweetheart: Unidentified Jane Doe (Case #1964)* UPDATE! (Identified)
    Opelika Jane Doe ➜ Remains of an unidentified child found in 2012 have now been identified as Amore Joveh Wiggins
  • Kenneth George Jones (Missing Man)
    Kenneth George Jones ➜ Teenager left his home unexpectedly one morning in 1998, taking only light clothing and no money. The disappearance was very unlike him.
  • Kata Davidović (Missing Woman)
    Kata Davidović ➜ Young woman disappeared from her hometown in Croatia under unknown circumstances
  • Ward Al-Rababa’a (Missing Child)
    Ward Al-Rababa’a ➜ Disappeared while getting hummus from a local seller. The family was contacted about a ransom one year later and heard a voice that might have been the child.
  • Janet and Christina Carter (True Crime)
    Janet and Christina Carter ➜ A young mother was found murdered and left along a road in the Great Smokey Mountains Park. There was no sign of her 3 year old toddler.

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