Never Quit Looking” (NQL) is a global database of missing persons, unidentified persons, and unsolved homicides. We are here to help families, investigators, and the public find missing people and bring justice for the deceased.

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Warning & Disclaimer:

When we share a case report, it is posted to multiple sites including but not limited to Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, MeWe, Tumblr, Weibo, Naver, and YouTube. Third parties are able to share these posts or to save and record the information published. While we remove cases as soon as notified, we cannot be responsible for these third parties. This means information removed from our platforms may still exist on other platforms or on other accounts.We do not guarantee anyone’s privacy where the police or any governmental agency request information.Any information, videos, or images that you share with us through any medium (including but not limited to form submissions, email, messaging, and online comments) may be included in the case file or shared with police. We make no promises of privacy or secrecy.We do not guarantee anyone’s privacy where the police or any governmental agency request information. Continued use of our Services serves as evidence you approve our Privacy Policies and Terms & Conditions