Never Quit Looking” (NQL) is a global database of missing persons, unidentified persons, and unsolved homicides. We are here to help families, investigators, and the public find missing people and bring justice for the deceased.

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Submit A Case

To share a case with NQL, please complete the intake form as accurately and with as many details as is possible. Additional information or images can be emailed to

If there are details you cannot provide, you may leave that answer blank. We do require three important pieces of information:

  • The Victim’s Name (John Doe or Jane Doe or Case # if an unidentified person)
  • All available information describing the Victim
  • Contact information for the relevant police department

We do ask you to provide any details that you can. The more information you provide, the quicker the case file will be published.

The primary language of this website and the database is English; however, we accept information in both English or your native language.  To find this form in other languages, you can visit “Submit a Case“.

Please use short, simple phrases and sentences with accurate punctuation and grammar to encourage accurate translation.

Most of the answers are filtered into manually translated topics (e.g., hair color, eye color, distinguishing features).  The rest goes into machine translated general notes.

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We respect the privacy of individuals who do not want to be located.  Consequently, we will only include the contact information for the local or national police.  We do not publish contact information for families or individuals.

You must always contact the police about the case first.  We only publish information that the police allow to be made public.  You can find the contact details for police in many countries on our website under “Contact Police.”

New information or tips will be forwarded on to the police directly. The police will need to be aware of the case for them to use the information to assist you.

We will remove a notice if requested by:

  • The police or a government agency
  • The individual in question (upon proof of identity)
  • A legal representative of the individual in question (upon proof of identity)
  • If we suspect the individual is a refugee or victim in hiding

We also remove any closed cases, and we ask the public to help alert us to updates or solved cases.



  1. Files less than six months old will only be shared on our blog (The Suitcase Detective).
  2. Files older than six months old will be added to the NQL database.
  3. You agree to contact us with updates and to alert us if the case is closed.
  4. The case can originate from anywhere in the world. It will be shared regardless of nationality.
  5. Cases are accepted for all ages, ethnicities, genders, nationalities, and locations. This is a global and comprehensive database.
  6. Forms are processed in the order they are received.
  7. We do NOT include parent abduction cases for legal reasons and to protect the interests of domestic abuse victims.

In some countries, it is illegal to share the identity or images of a minor. For this reason, we will not include cases involving children under the age of 18 unless there is a formal alert with an image published on a governmental, police, or reliable NGO website. We require the link to that alert.

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Warning & Disclaimer:

When we share a case report, it is posted to multiple sites including but not limited to Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, MeWe, Tumblr, Weibo, Naver, and YouTube. Third parties are able to share these posts or to save and record the information published. While we remove cases as soon as notified, we cannot be responsible for these third parties. This means information removed from our platforms may still exist on other platforms or on other accounts.

We do not guarantee anyone’s privacy where the police or any governmental agency request information.

Any information, videos, or images that you share with us through any medium (including but not limited to form submissions, email, messaging, and online comments) may be included in the case file or shared with police. We make no promises of privacy or secrecy.

We do not guarantee anyone’s privacy where the police or any governmental agency request information.

Continued use of our Services serves as evidence you approve our Privacy Policies and Terms & Conditions