Chinese is not our native language. If you believe our translation is incorrect, please let us know in the comments.


Never Quit Looking ”是一个全球数据库,包含失踪人口、悬而未决的凶杀案和身份不明的身体。我们想帮助你的家人找到失踪的人,并为死者伸张正义。

要与我们分享案例,请检查以下信息。您可以下载表格,填写后通过电子邮件发送给我们。我们的电子邮件地址是 或者你可以在线提交表格。以下是中文和英文的链接。您可以使用任一版本。








  1. 少于六个月的通知只会在我们的博客上分享。
  2. 超过六个月的通知将被添加到数据库中。
  3. 如有更新,请与我们联系。
  4. 我们将移除已结案的案例。
  5. 病例可能来自世界任何地方。它将不分国籍地共享。
  6. 按照接收到的顺序处理请求。
  7. 基于法律原因,我们不包括“父母绑架”。


Never Quit Looking ” is a global database of missing people, unsolved homicides, and unidentified bodies. We want to help your family find missing people and bring justice to the deceased.

To share a case with us, please check the information below. You can download the form, fill it out and send it to us via email ( Or you can submit the form online. Below are the links in Chinese and English. You can use either version. Your submission will remain anonymous.

The information we need is in the chart below. If there are some details you do not know, leave the box blank. However, please give as much detail as you can.

You can write in your native language. We will translate your answers to English or use your original language. Please use short, simple words and sentences to make translation easier.

We will also use the information to create a “poster” or notice about the case. We will include one English copy and one copy in your native language. We will email it to you, and you can share it with anyone you know.

We want to protect innocent people who do not want to be located. We will only include the contact information for the national police agency. We will not include the contact information for a specific person.

Please make sure you have contacted the police first before us. The police must have a case or record on file. The police will manage all notices. You must include a link to the police notice or provide formal evidence of a search or police investigation.

We will remove a notice if we are contacted by the following people:
· The police or a government agency
· The individual in question (after proof of identity is given)
· A legal representative of the individual in question (after proof of identity is given)
· If we suspect the person involved is a refugee or victim who is in hiding


  1. Notices that are less than one year old will only be shared on our blog.
  2. Notices that are more than one year old will be added to the “Never Quit Looking” database.
  3. Please contact us when there is an update.
  4. We will remove a closed case.
  5. The case can originate from anywhere in the world. It will be shared regardless of nationality.
  6. Requests are processed in the order they are received.
  7. We do not include “parent abductions” for legal reasons.

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