Japanese is not our native language. If you believe our translation is incorrect, please let us know in the comments.
日本語は私たちの母国語ではありません。 私たちの翻訳が間違っていると思われる場合は、コメントでお知らせください。


行方「 Never Quit Looking 」は、行方不明者、未解決の殺人、身元不明の遺体のグローバルデータベースです。 私たちはあなたの家族が行方不明者を見つけ、故人に正義をもたらすのを助けたいと思っています。

ケースを共有するには、以下のフォームに記入してください。追加情報または画像は、neverquitlooking@pm.me に電子メールで送信できます。









  1. 6か月未満のファイルは、ブログでのみ共有されます。
  2. 6か月以上経過したファイルは、「NeverQuitLooking」データベースに追加されます
  3. アップデートがありましたらご連絡ください。
  4. 閉じたケースを取り外します。
  5. 事件は、世界中のどこからでも発生する可能性があります。国籍に関係なく共有されます。
  6. リクエストは、受信した順序で処理されます。
  7. 法的な理由により、「親による誘拐」は含まれていません。


Never Quit Looking” is a global database of missing people, unsolved homicides, and unidentified bodies. We want to help your family find missing people and bring justice to the deceased.

To share a case, please complete the form below. Additional information or images can be emailed to neverquitlooking@pm.me.

If there are details you cannot provide, leave that question blank. There are only three required pieces of required information:

1) The Victim’s Name
2) Victim’s Description (what is known)
3) Evidence that the case is open and ongoing (e.g., link to the public notice from the police; newspaper article; etc.)

However, please give as much detail as you can.

Our database is managed in English; however, you can submit this form in your native language. Please use short, simple words and sentences to make translation easier.

We want to protect innocent people who do not want to be located. We only include the contact information for the police. We will not include contact information for an individual.

Always contact the police first. Any new information or witnesses will be sent to the police directly. Therefore, the police must have a case on file.

We will remove a notice if we are contacted by the following people:
· The police or a government agency
· The individual in question (after proof of identity is given)
· A legal representative of the individual in question (after proof of identity is given)
· If we suspect the person involved is a refugee or victim who is in hiding


  1. Files that are less than six months old will only be shared on our blog.
  2. Files that are more than six months old will be added to the “Never Quit Looking” database.
  3. Please contact us when there is an update.
  4. We will remove a closed case.
  5. The case can originate from anywhere in the world. It will be shared regardless of nationality.
  6. Requests are processed in the order they are received.
  7. We do not include “parent abductions” for legal reasons.

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