Never Quit Looking” (NQL) is a Global Database of Missing Persons, Unidentified Remains, and Unsolved Homicides. Our core resource is an online, streamlined database with details of open cases. Sometimes, people recognize possessions more easily than they may pictures or sketches of the victims. With this in mind, we are creating a database of personal possessions.

Each of the listings is linked either to a victim entered into the NQL database. You will find within each listing a “Record ID” and a Name. Both can be input into the search filters of the NQL database to pull up the full case file. Or click on the victim’s name in the table and you will go to the file directly.

If you identify one that you have seen before or that seems familiar, please visit the link and consider reporting what you know to the relevant authorities.

We currently have listings for tattoos, jewelry, and other possessions.


Record IDNameStatusTattooLocation
1666Matthew Alan MullaneyMissing
Shamrock with Flames
It is large, covering the mid-back.
1674Ashley Nicole SummersMissing
‘Gene’ [Black lettering] on Red Heart
Upper Right Arm
1526Gaston Domingo CacciarelliMissing
Maori Tribal Tattoo
Right back and arm
1525Emmanuel BonnefonMissing
Logo of Music Band “La Renga” (Angel and Demon)
Right Forearm
1538Esther Asuncion de CandidoMissing
Flower (possibly iris?)
Upper Left Arm
1713Paratrooper John DoeUnidentifiedLeft Arm has tattoo of a pegasus with the words "Born to Fly Free"
Pegasus with “Born to Fly Free” and a lightening bolt
1713Paratrooper John DoeUnidentifiedRight Arm has tattoo of skull with a red beret that reads "U.S. Paratrooper"

Right Arm has tattoo of skull with a red beret that reads "U.S. Paratrooper"

Skull with Red Beret and “U.S. Paratrooper”
1729Trevor Wayne HendersonMissing
Unidentifiable – Left Forearm
Unidentifiable – Left Hand
1768Mohammadi SemiullahMissing
Right Forearm
2012Dana Jane BruceMissing
Bear with Angel Wings and a banner with "DYLAN" in capital letters
Left Upper Arm


Record IDNameStatusDescriptionImage
1695John Doe (Case # 1695))UnidentifiedBracelet
1695John Doe (Case # 1695))UnidentifiedRing
1959Jane Doe (Case # 1959))UnidentifiedPin
1958Jane Doe (Case # 2024))UnidentifiedNecklace (Gold Chain)
2039Jane Doe (Case # 2039))UnidentifiedNecklace with Rhinestones

Other Possessions

Record IDNameStatusDescriptionImage
1695John Doe (Case # 1695)UnidentifiedMedallion
1959Jane Doe (Case # 1959)UnidentifiedLighters
1958Jane Doe (Case # 2024))UnidentifiedA white nylon comb
White powder puff with traces of sun-tan colored powder
2018John Doe - The Boy in the Box (Case # 2018))UnidentifiedAn older blanket (cheap fabric) that had a faded pattern of diamonds and squares in green, rusty red, brown, and white. A small piece of the blanket had auto grease.
2059John Doe - (Case # 2059)UnidentifiedThe duffel bag was US army type barracks bag, blue denim with a white tie cord. It was 23-3/4" deep and 26" wide. There was a label with the letters "R 9700" printed inside on the bottom, thought to be a laundry tag or some kind of ID code.
2049John Doe (Case # 2049))UnidentifiedNew (or seeming new) camping equipment including a canteen
2049John Doe (Case # 2049))UnidentifiedBackpack
2049John Doe (Case # 2049))UnidentifiedGun case for a high-powered .30-06 Springfield rifle

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