This is a list of tattoos related to a variety of unsolved cases. Each is linked either to a missing person police are searching for or an unidentified body police are seeking to name. If you identify one that you have seen before or that seems familiar, please visit the link and consider reporting what you know to the relevant authorities.

Please Also Visit “Never Quit Looking” – a Global Database of Missing Persons, Unidentified Remains, and Unsolved Homicides:

Matthew Alan Mullaney
Shamrock with Flames – Mid Back, Large
Emmanuel Bonnefon
Logo of Music Band “La Renga” (Angel and Demon) – Right Forearm
Ashley Summers
‘Gene’ [Black lettering] on Red Heart – Upper Right Arm
Esther Asuncion de Candido
Flower (possibly iris?)– Upper Left Arm
Gaston Domingo Cacciarelli
Maori Tribal Tattoo – Right back and arm

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