Never Quit Looking” (NQL) is a Global Database of Missing Persons, Unidentified Remains, and Unsolved Homicides. Our core resource is an online, streamlined database with details of open cases. Sometimes, people recognize possessions more easily than they may pictures or sketches of the victims. With this in mind, we are also developing databases of personal possessions or distinguishing features including: Tattoos, Jewelry, Other Possessions, Clothing, and Vehicles (the current page).

Each of the listings is linked either to a victim entered into the NQL database. You will find within each listing a “Record ID” and a Name. Both can be input into the search filters of the NQL database to pull up the full case file. Or click on the victim’s name in the table and you will go to the file directly.

If you identify one that you have seen before or that seems familiar, please visit the link and consider reporting what you know to the relevant authorities.

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*Please note that images may be of a replica or similar model if enough details are available to match them.


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