Never Stop Looking


Never Stop Looking is a global database of missing and unidentified persons. Case files are predominantly compiled from data published on government websites, national databases, personal websites dedicated to missing persons, and social media.

The purpose of this site is to provide a tool for police, government agencies, and researchers internationally. Never Stop Looking is designed to assist with

1) Identifying cross-border trends and patterns
2) Increasing exposure of cases to a global audience
3) Providing a method for comparing features of unidentified persons to missing persons cases globally.

You can contact us with updates or submit a case for review and possible inclusion.

Our rules and criteria for accepting cases are listed here (Link).

You can also find a comprehensive list of other databases from around the work here.

Sources of Data

Missing People (UK)Missing at the Border NamusInterpolDoe NetworkMissing KidsMissing Persons (AU)Global Missing KidsMissing Persons (UK Police)FBICharley ProjectAU Missing Personsאיתור נעדריםChi l’ha VistoCEAS MexicoSOS DesaparecidosCentro Nacional de Desaparecidos

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Record IDPhotoLast NameGiven Name AgeCountryMore Details
338 Zirouri Yacine 36 Algeria More Details
339 Zekkara Hicham 24 Algeria More Details
341 Zekkara Younce 26 Algeria More Details
377 Zegouri Larbi 25 Algeria More Details
293 Zefi Fran 22 Albania More Details
635 Zarlenga Rocio Belen 13 Argentina More Details
559 Zapata Máximo Alessandro 7 Argentina More Details
539 Zamarbide Severo Jorge Pedro 46 Argentina More Details
355 Zaidi Adel 40 Algeria More Details
475 Yu Khoa Anh 15 Britain More Details


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