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5'6" - 5'9
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5'7" - 6'0"
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Lower Austria
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Date of Disappearance
December 10, 1981
The exact date of her disappearance is indeterminable, but it appears likely she vanished in early March 1982. She was last confirmed to have been seen December 10, 1981. In 1979, Maria was a lonely and quiet young woman, looking for a relationship and personal connection. With both parents dead and her siblings living abroad, she was working as an assistant at a local hospital. She was an easy victim for the charms of a local bricklayer, “Arthur B.” (precise name not public), a larger than life, domineering, and confident man with numerous contacts throughout the region. Unfortunately, his brutal nature was quickly revealed as he began abusing Maria physically and mentally. Eventually, she became pregnant, but this failed to stop the brutality and eventually she was forced into labor after an assault. Rumors accused him of behaving like a tyrant, a pattern that would follow him through the decades until he had a long reputation of brutality towards women. Although she initially hoped that being a father would improve his treatment of his family, she soon realized that this was not to be. Then her son (“G”) was taken by child welfare and placed with a foster family; it would be the last straw for Maria. She pulled up her courage and sought to break up with Arthur B. and gain custody of “G” towards the end of 1981. She had found separate housing and managed to get a steady job; she even bought a dress for the custody hearing. But then she disappeared, never appearing for the custody hearing to claim her child. Arthur B. claimed she had gone to live with her family in Canada, so for decades no one searched. Her body was never recovered and he was never charged. Concerningly, a witness from his family now claims that Arthur B. was attempting to bury something in 1982 shortly after Maria disappeared. He was digging various holes in a nearby forest but could not get them deep enough. Eventually he concreted over a pit on the property of someone he knew in what is considered suspicious behavior. In 2019, the situation changed. A woman comes forward to report an argument she had with Arthur B. in which he threatened to deal with her like he had Maria. The reference concerned her and with her family’s encouragement, she came forward to speak with police. As an investigation was launched, more women (including his own family members) began to speak out about decades of violence and sexual assault of women, including a threat to cut off one woman’s skull. He would eventually be accused by three nieces, including one who claimed the abuse began when she was five years old and was such that she first attempted suicide at age eight. He was sentenced to 13 years in prison but was released in 2022 after claiming that he was physically unfit for prison. He was however later seen getting in and out of his car easily without the oxygen or walker he began using during the trial. When arrested, he claimed to have multiple properties, significant cash assets, and substantial jewelry that was found in a home search and later returned to him. That money and assets have apparently since vanished and he claims to be unable to pay the significant financial compensation awarded to the victims. Those assets are believed to have been given to the one niece who was convicted in 2020 of making false statements for him. Photos after the conviction however showed him sitting at home and counting large wads of 200 EU bills. Shortly afterward Arthur B., became embroiled in a dispute with one of his tenants with whom he had a sexual relationship. She says the two had previously occasionally been sexually involved but that no relationship existed. He initially said he slept with her in the past, but later changed his story to say the two had a life partnership. She claims he recently became more frightening and threatened to have her disabled son removed from her care by making false accusations. The court ruled against him and sentenced him to seven months in prison; the ruling is currently being appealed (March 2023). Police have attempted to dig in the area where they believe he might have buried Maria, but so far nothing has been found. The property owner has refused to allow the family to perform a private excavation. Arthur and Maria’s son was adopted from foster care by his paternal uncle, a man who “G” accused of being similarly vicious. Arthur B., disappeared from the boy’s life until he was a teenager. While working, “G” was involved in an accident and received a substantial sum as compensation. Arthur B., unexpectedly appeared and began to become friendly with the boy who had only recently learned that Arthur B was his real father. Eventually Arthur B. convinced “G” to give him the money but then promptly threw him out of the house without returning it. “G” is currently suing Arthur B. for the return of that money as of March 2023.
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