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Personal Information

Given Name
Alternative Name
Photo After Aging (Age Progression)


Date of Birth
December 30, 1997
Age Group
Age as of Today
Hair Color
Eye Color
Height (ft'in")
Height (cm)
Height Range
5'0" - 5'6"
Weight (lbs)
Weight (kg)
Weight Range in Pounds
Thin or Slender
Distinguishing Characteristics
Pierced Ears
Photo of Distinguishing Feature
Physical Abnormality
Tattoo Location
Tattoo Theme
Tattoo Subject
Scars & Other Marks
Shoe Size
Australia, Thailand
Languages Spoken
English, Thai


Clothing (Key Word)
Backpack, Raincoat, Dress, Dress: Blue, Dress: Patterned, Dress: Plaid, Dress: White, Jacket, Jacket: Blue, Jacket: Dark, School Uniform, Shoes: Black
Clothing (Full Description)
School Uniform (white and blue patterned dress - striped or plaid). Dark blue jacket from the school uniform (zippered). Dark Backpack
Possessions / Accessories
She often wore "S" shaped earrings.
Photo of Clothing or Accessories


Boronia Heights College
Province or State
Postal Code


Date of Disappearance
June 2, 2011
That particular Thursday morning saw Siriyakorn preparing for school as she normally did. She finished breakfast with her mother and sister while her father returned from a night shift at work. As he headed off to bed, the rest of the family got ready to begin their daily plans. Siriyakorn was walking to school that morning and headed out the door around 8:20am - 8:30am. The weather was rather dismal, rainy and with temperatures still in the cool of early spring. Siriyakorn was dressed for the rain in her blue and white school uniform -- a blue and white patterned dress and a navy raincoat -- as she set off up the road towards her school. Although she would typically be joined by Dyamai or other friends along her route, the weather had kept many from walking that morning so there is no evidence to suggest she planned on meeting with anyone that morning before class. With the family home located on Elsie Street, Siriyakorn would typically head east until she reached Albert Avenue, where she would take a short zigzag across the street and head down Harcourt Road. She then would turn left onto Monco Street and enter the school grounds through the rear gate a few meters ahead. All signs point towards Siriyakorn heading down her normal path with no intention for detours or plans to miss school. At approximately 8:25am, a neighbor two doors down looking through his window at a barking dog noticed her walking alone down Elsie Street towards Albert Avenue. This is the last confirmed sighting of her. When Siriyakorn failed to appear for her classes that day, the school faculty assumed she was at home, perhaps due to an illness. She was a good student who rarely missed a class and never skipped school; so her teachers and friends assumed her family had kept her out that day for some reason and that they were aware or her absence. Eventually the afternoon wore on and classes ended for the day. As 3:30pm (15:30) rolled around, her mother began to worry when Siriyakorn failed to return home from school. Then at 4:00pm (16:00), Dyamai rang looking for Siriyakorn. Although Siriyakorn had a cell phone, she had left it at home that morning as she often did since the school prohibited phones in classes. Dyamai had looked for and not seen her at school and could not reach her cell, so she was calling the house to ask about a football game the two planned to attend the next day. This was the first time Siriyakorn's parents knew about her absence from school that day. Immediately concerned, both parents rushed to the high school but a rapid search of the facilities revealed no trace of the now missing school. They learned that Siriyakorn never made it to her classes and that no one had seen her that day; it appeared that she never actually made it to school in the first place. The family quickly rushed to the police station to file a missing person's report and began calling friends and family to try and located her. Unfortunately, after that last sighting on Elsie Road, Siriyakorn had seemingly vanished without a trace.
Location of the Disappearance or Crime Scene
School, Street
Potential Circumstances
Alone, Foreign Resident, Skipped School, Walking
There were three vehicles of significance. The first was a white Forld Falcon station wagon - EA to EF Model (1988 - 1996) seen at the intersection of Floriston and Boronia Roads. The second was a white station wagon (possibly a Holden HQ Kingswood) - (19
License Plate
Photo of Vehicle
Suspect Description
There are no named suspects. There are however several persons of interest or persons the police would like to interview in case they can provide information or clear up potential sightings. One is a Caucasian male, 50s - 60s, brown hair (slicked back in
Photo of Suspect

Recovered Remains

Date of Recovery
Time of Death
Cause of Death
Description of Recovery
Recovery of Remains
Tested Against (No Match)

Further Details

In-Depth Case Overview:
Siriyakorn Siriboon (Missing Person)
Map of Key Locations
Google Map of Key Locations
Relevant Media
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Australian Missing Persons Register
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Contact Police

Contact Agency
Missing Persons: Australian Federal Police
Contact Police (Email)
Contact Police (Phone)
(1-800) 000 - 634
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Alternative Contact
Crime Stoppers: (1-800) 333 - 000

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