Royal Medical Examiner (Film Review)

Royal Medical Examiner – The story takes place during the historical Ming Dynasty. Late one evening, the cries of a baby were suddenly heard in Lin’an County Cemetery and two corpses lie in a grave one on the other. Murder is clear, but the means not so much and a local medical examiner Song Shao is called in to investigate.

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‘The Lost Tomb’ in Chronological Order

An introduction to the universe of ‘The Grave Robber Chronicles’ (aka ‘The Lost Tomb’ universe). Includes a list of all of the dramas and movies in chronological order for best watching!

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Shakespeare & Hathaway (Film Review)

Shakespeare & Hathaway are private investigators who take on crime in this light-hearted, cozy mystery show from the UK.

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Blood of the Vine (Film Review)

One of our favorite French mysteries is ‘Blood of the Vine’ (Le Sang de la Vigne)- a crime show centering around enologist (expert in wine making) and all too enthusiastic amateur detective Benjamin Label.

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Murder In (Film Review)

Okay, we are becoming addicted to the locations in France’s #crime series: ‘Murder In’.

Each episode features a new ‘picturesque’ and lesser-known location. Still on Season 1 and some of these places we’ve never heard of but are now on the bucket list!

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The Snow White Murder Case (Film Review)

Snow White Murder Case Movie Poster

Who killed Snow White? Journalist Yuji Akahoshi finds himself caught in a murder where nothing is as it seems even though it seems you see everything.

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