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This true crime blog includes missing persons and unsolved mysteries strongly suspected or known to involve a criminal element.

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  • Richard Halliday (Missing Person)
    Richard Halliday ➜ Disappeared after leaving his barracks at Fort Bliss. The army is accused of failing to properly respond to his disappearance, and Richard’s family continues to call greater transparency as they search for their missing son
  • Shelley Cameron Morgan (Unsolved Homicide)
    Shelley Cameron Morgan (1984) ➜ Was headed to Avon Gorge in Bristol. Found deceased in Backwell. Police request information on missing camera (Olympus OM20) and two relevant postcards. #Missing #NeverStopLooking
  • Lisset Soto Salinas (Missing Person)
    Lisset Soto Salinas ➜Kidnapped in 2010 off the street while walking home in Camino Real neighborhood of La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. May have been trafficked across borders. #Missing #NeverStopLooking
  • Dana Rishpy (Missing Person)
    Dana Rishpy ➜ Disappeared after party from Tulum, Mexico while solo-traveling in 2007. The only certain things in this case is that nothing was truly certain. #TrueCrime #Missing #MissingPerson #NeverStopLooking
  • Juan Carlos Hernández (True Crime)
    Juan Carlos Hernandez➜ Murdered 2020 / Found in Afton Canyon Area in the Mojave Desert.. Last seen at job with VIP Collective LA. Vehicle found at Figueroa & 64th St. #TrueCrime #InRemembrance #NeverForget
  • Alexis Patterson (Missing Person)
    Alexis Patterson ➜ Missing 2002. Last seen walking to school in Milwaukee, WI. Wearing Purple Shirt + Blue Jeans, Red Jacket, Pink Barbie Backpack. #Missing #MissingChild #NeverStopLooking

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