List of TV Mysteries, Crime, and Detectives

A comprehensive list of tv mysteries and crime shows from around the world.

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2Mystery is secondary theme
CCrime / Police Procedural
DPrivate Eye
FAFalsely Accused
MMedical / Autopsy / Pathology
NDNancy Drew (aka Nosy Detectives – amateurs who have stumbled upon a crime)
N/ENo Known English Translation
PSignificant Criminal Psychology
RReality TV / Documentaries
SSupernatural (Ghosts, Vampires, Werewolves)
SFSci-Fi (Time Travel, Robots, Futuristic)
TTreasure Hunt (The Search for Lost Treasures, Tomb Raiding, Pirate Treasures)
UUnaired (Coming Soon)
WWuxia & Asian Fantasy (Dragons, Deities, Etc.)
YAYoung Adult

*Some shows may deal with difficult subjects or may be graphic to watch. You should read online reviews and watch at your own discretion. Incorporation into this list does not reflect the views or opinions of The Suitcase Detective; it’s not a recommendation or endorsement. Some shows on here are terrible in our opinion 😂

TV Mysteries

Movie PosterMysteryDescriptionGenreCountry
Miss Fisher's Murder MysteriesIn 1920s Melbourne, the Honorable Phryne Fisher is a thoroughly modern woman operating in a mostly male world. The glamorous "lady detective" goes about her work with a pistol close at hand--and, more often than not, a male admirer even closer.(D)Australia
My Life is MurderLucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess, Parks and Recreation) stars in this contemporary Australian detective drama as a retired cop who can’t seem to stop solving crime.(C) , (D)Australia
A ConfessionDS Steve Fulcher (Martin Freeman) is putting everything on the line when catching the culprit behind the disappearance of the 22-year-old Sian O’Callaghan contradicts with police protocol.(C)Britain
Agatha RaisinHigh-flying London PR executive Agatha Raisin fulfills a life-long dream of retiring to a small village in the Cotswolds. Along the way, Agatha discovers that she has a talent for crime-solving.(ND)Britain
CampionAlbert Campion --a bespectacled aristocrat of many pseudonyms, who moves amongst the high class as easily as the the crime underworld-- loves detection and adventure. Aided by his burglar-turned-manservant Magersfontein Lugg, and his policeman friend Stanislaus Oates, Campion unravels eight mysteries over the course of the series.(ND)Britain
Death in ParadiseDI Richard Poole is sent to the paradise island of Saint-Marie in the Caribbean to solve an impossible murder. He hates sun, sea and sand, but no matter - once he's solved the murder he'll be heading back to wonderful, cold, drizzly London. He does so, only to discover his boss back home has conspired to keep him there. He's trapped on an island he hates and people just keep getting murdered.(C)Britain
Dorothy L. Sayers Mystery (Harriet Vane)Three elegant murder mysteries adapted from the crime novels of Dorothy L. Sayers which chronicle the relationship of amateur sleuth Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane unfolds in a realm of romance and intrigue. Includes the mysteries: "Strong Poison," "Have His Carcass" and "Gaudy Night."(ND)Britain
Dorothy L. Sayers Mystery (Sir Peter Wimsey)Ian Carmichael shines as Wimsey, one of English detective fiction's most memorable heroes--more nimble than Miss Marple, more willful than Poirot, more upbeat than Adam Dalgliesh. All mystery fans need for a lovely and satisfying afternoon is this series and a couple of strong pots of tea.(D)Britain
EndeavourBefore Inspector Morse, there was the rookie Constable Morse, fed up with police work and ready to nip his career in the bud by handing in his resignation.(C)Britain
Father BrownFather Brown's world is quintessentially English: drawing rooms in large country houses, miles of countryside, secret gardens, and rural parish churches. Many years spent hearing his parishioners' confessions have given him an uncanny insight into the workings of the criminal mind, allowing him to investigate and solve crimes in his own particular way.(ND)Britain
CadfaelOnce a Crusader, now a man of the cloth, the worldly but humble Brother Cadfael (Sir Derek Jacobi) uses his keen intuition to protect the innocent and bring the guilty to account in war-torn medieval England. Based on "The Cadfael Chronicles" book series.(ND)Britain
GrantchesterIn GRANTCHESTER, a young vicar and a veteran cop join forces to solve baffling murders around a placid English village in 1953.(C) , (D)Britain
Inspector LewisFive years after the death of his mentor, Inspector Morse, Lewis is now an inspector himself and back at Oxford. He’s teamed with a new sidekick, Detective Sergeant James Hathaway, and he’s anxious to prove himself.(C)Britain
Inspector MorseThe first series of the incredibly popular detective series starring John Thaw as the cultured Inspector Morse, with Kevin Whately as his more down to earth sidekick. (C)Britain
Loch NessThe beautiful, haunting shores of Scotland’s most iconic loch is the stunning backdrop for the new six-part crime drama. In a community nourished and sustained by myth and bordered by untamed nature, the search for a serial killer becomes a matter of life and death for local detective Annie Redford(C)Britain
MaigretInspector Maigret's wife prods him to take a vacation. But there is no time to relax when a jewel thief is shot, and the only suspect is his mistress. Other mysteries involve a burglar who sees a murder during a break-in, a teacher at odds with an entire village, an elderly woman whose schemes are mistaken for lunacy, and a serial killer targeting young women in Montmartre.(C)Britain
The Mallorca FilesThe ambitious young British detective Miranda Blake and her laid-back German partner Max Winter would be the perfect duo to take on the world of crime in stunning Mallorca - if only they could see it.(C)Britain
Midsomer MurdersA veteran DC Inspector (John Nettles) and his young sergeant (Daniel Casey) investigate murders around the regional community of Midsomer County in this classic UK mystery series.(C)Britain
Miss Marple (2004)Proper, demure, sharp as a tack, Agatha Christie's spinster sleuth is brilliantly portrayed by Geraldine McEwan (Series 1-3) and Julia McKenzie (Series 4). Each dons the trademark tweeds as if they were made for her; each is surrounded by lavish post-WWII period detail and stellar supporting casts.(D)Britain
Mrs. Bradley MysteriesThe irrepressibly inquisitive Adela Bradley is on hand to solve complex cases of blackmail, murder, sacrifice and mistaken identity with characteristic style and grace. Paired with her reliable and devoted chauffeur, George, Mrs Bradley’s powers of psychological sleuthing are challenged to the full.(ND)Britain
Murder Rooms: Mysteries of the Real Sherlock HolmesCertain events which had an impact on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, while he was still a medical student under the supervision of Dr. Bell, his teacher and mentor, on whom the character of Sherlock Holmes is partly drawn from.(D)Britain
Partners in CrimePartners in Crime is an espionage adventure series about a suburban married couple, Tommy and Tuppence Beresford, who solve mysteries and foil plots in '50s Cold War Britain. Based on Agatha Christie's classic characters.(D)Britain
PoirotDavid Suchet stars as the dapper, diminutive Belgian who solves the most serpentine cases with the sharpest of minds and the driest of wits.(D)Britain
Ripper StreetApril 1889 - six months since the last Jack the Ripper killing, East London is emerging into a fragile peace, hopeful that this killer's reign of terror might at last have run its course. Nowhere is this truer than in the corridors of H Division, the police precinct charged with keeping order in the chaos of Whitechapel. Its men hunted this maniac; and failed to find him.(C)Britain
Rivals of Sherlock HolmesCrime abounded in late Victorian and Edwardian times--from the streets of London to the country houses of the nobility; from the royal apartments of Vienna to the hotel rooms of quiet Copenhagen. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous detective, took on may of the era's crooks, killers, blackmailers, and schemers--but so did the fictional sleuths of other celebrated writers of the time. Relying on brain over brawn, their characters outwit, outthink, and out maneuver the most ruthless of adversaries--and all in ways Sherlock Holmes would have considered much more than elementary. (D)Britain
Shakespeare & HathawayComedy drama about an oddball couple of private detectives who investigate crime in Stratford-upon-Avon.(D)Britain
SherlockHolmes' brilliant mind and dangerous lifestyle offer the stimulation Watson craves, and the two quickly forge an alliance. Sherlock provides the inspired leaps of intellect, while Watson keeps his friend's flights of fancy grounded - it's the perfect partnership. (D)Britain
Sherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett)Sherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett), one of the world's greatest and most popular fictional detectives, investigates 13 baffling cases.(D)Britain
Vienna BloodMax Liebermann, a disciple of Freud, brings his extraordinary skills of perception and forensics--and a deep understanding of human behavior and deviance--to help DI Oskar Rheinhardt solve some of Vienna’s most mysterious and deadly cases.(C) , (P)Britain
WallanderFollow Inspector Kurt Wallander - a disillusioned everyman - as he struggles against a rising tide of violence in the seemingly sleepy backwaters in and around Ystad in beautiful southern Sweden. (C)Britain
White ChapelThe streets of Whitechapel are awash with blood. A murderer stalks the night, picking off vulnerable women and leaving them brutally butchered. The locals live in fear and the police remain clueless -- with no motive, no evidence and no hope of catching this barbaric killer. But this is not the 19th Century and the time of Jack the Ripper. This is now.(C) , (P)Britain
Frankie Drake MysteriesSet in 1920s Toronto, the series follows the adventures of Frankie Drake (Lauren Lee Smith) and her partner Trudy Clarke (Chantel Riley) at Drake Private Detectives, the city’s only all-female detective agency, as they find themselves fighting crime in the age of flyboys, gangsters, rum-runners, and speakeasies.(D)Canada
Murdoch MysteriesCutting-edge Victorian science meets cunningly plotted mystery in this award-winning Canadian TV drama. William Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) is a detective in Toronto in 1895, using new forensic techniques like fingerprinting and psychological profiling.(C)Canada
Crimson RiverA case which hasn’t been solved for 20 years breaks the tranquility of the town. The same place and the same modus operandi, who is the real murderer? The fog on the river will eventually disperse, is what floats out of the water really the truth?(C)China
Darker: Death Notify (Season 1)If the law won’t punish the scums of the Earth, a vigilante serial killer will. A mysterious killer named “Darker” goes after criminals who evade legal punishment and leaves a death notification card as his calling card at the crime scene. To capture the vigilante, the police forms a special task force comprised of eccentric professionals led by the idiosyncratic Luo Fei (C) , (P)China
Darker: Death Notify (Season 2)Can a dangerous vigilante killer be stopped before he kills again? Criminologist Luo Fei (Guo Jing Fei) and his special police task force has been foiled by the dangerous vigilante killer known as “Darker,” who has been killing criminals who have evaded legal prosecution in a series of high-profile cases. Luo Fei is now running from the law for murder, and his team tires to move forward with their work.(C) , (P)China
Darker: Death Notify (Season 3) - Presently without subtitles, but was available on WeTVThe re-emergence of death notice broke Luo Fei's peaceful life. The final competition of Luo Fei, Darker and Ahua is about to start. The facts hidden behind the scenes gradually reveal the truth.(C) , (P) . (N/E)China
Evil Minds (Season1)Fang Mu is known as a genius in crime psychology in the city. When he collaborates with police officer, Tai Wei-Lian to crack a series of bizarre campus murder cases. Those cases traumatized him and he became decadent because of that. He even try to deceive himself and others to try to forget everything. However, the devil’s provocation didn't stop right there as a series of mysterious serial killings occurred again and put Fang Mu in jail. He have no choice but to open up the wounds he'd never like to see again. Having to face his inner guilt and sins and compete with the mysterious devil. (C) , (P)China
Evil Minds (Season 2)Fang Mu returns as a criminal profiler working for the police force. He reunites with Tai Wei to find their captain's kidnapped daughter.(C) , (P)China Investigation into a series of strange cases leads police officer Zhao Xu Zhen to a mysterious website called "," which claims to be from the future. There, customers can buy anything from the future from the site, including future love, fame and beauty. Futmalls is a mysterious shopping site, with an unlinkable URL where users are presumably randomly selected.(C) , (P) , (SF)China
Guardian profile posterGuardianGuardian is set on the Earth-like planet of Haixing, populated by a native human population and two alien races. The hotheaded Zhao Yunlan leads the Special Investigation Department (SID), a group that works with the Black Robe Envoy to uphold peace and investigate cases related to the Dixing people. While investigating an incident at the local university, Zhao is assisted by Shen Wei, a biological engineering professor. The two men are drawn closer together as a mysterious enemy threatens to re-ignite war.(C) , (S) , (W)China
The Listener movie posterThe ListenerZhu Mingchuan is a talented and skilled forensic in Gongmen police station. When standing in front of the autopsy table, he’ll be a “listener” of the body. He’s good at solving odd cases just through slight clues. The new female captain Luo Bixin notices Mingchuan's talents and begins to pay attention to him(C) , (M) , (P)China
Love Me if You Dare movie posterLove Me if You DareGetting inside the head of a violent criminal is not easy. But Simon, Bo Jinyan, a brilliant criminal psychologist, has the ability to get into the minds of even the most mysterious and violent criminals. With the help of his young assistant, Jenny Jian Yao, Simon delves into the thoughts and intentions of the criminal mind. (C), (P)China
The Mystic Tomb: Ganges Killing the TreesThe Mystic Tomb: Ganges in the Trees(Lost Tomb Universe: Prequel to The Mystic Nine) Before becoming the leader of the Huo family, Huo Sanniang is trapped in a mysterious temple. Sanniang and the others from Mystic Nine are trapped in an enclosed location. Their process of escaping is worth watching. Will they kill each other or work together? *Best seen after The Mystic Nine(T)China
Four Belongs to Abelmoschus movie posterThe Mystic Nine Side Story: Four Belongs to Abelmoschus(The Lost Tomb Universe: Prequal to the Mystic Nine). Before the young Chen Pi is Er Yuehong’s apprentice, he has become a killer due to a friend’s words, which ends up foreshadowing his fate. Chun Shen, the son of a fisherman, tragically witnesses Pao Tou of Abelmoschus Gang murders his entire family. He turns to Chen Pi and becomes his first customer. This marks the start of Chen Pi’s revenge for Chun Shen. *Best seen after The Mystic Nine(T)China
The Mystic Nine Side Story: Flowers Bloom in February Movie PosterThe Mystic Nine Side Story: Flowers Bloom in February (The Lost Tomb Universe: Prequel to the Mystic Nine)The side story narrates the effort of relocating a cultural relic safeguarded beneath an ancient tomb during the Sino-Japanese era. Er Yue Hong undertook this mission by approaching the tomb which on the surface is a heavily pre-occupied Japanese army base. With his wisdom and bravery, he strives with his might to recover the relic. *Best seen after The Mystic Nine(T)China
Tiger Bones Plum Blossom movie posterThe Mystic Nine Side Story: Tiger Bones Plum Blossom(The Lost Tomb Universe: Prequel to Mystic Nine) The nine families gather again! Surrounded by mysterious cases, Zhang Qishan is put into a difficult situation. Going all out to find the truth, he solves serial-killer cases with his adjutant! *Best seen after The Mystic Nine(T)China
The Mystic TombThe Mystic Nine(The Lost Tomb Universe: Prequel) Follows the leaders of the nine grave-robbing families and their adventures to save the people of Changsha from a potentially deadly threat.
Zhang Qi Shan, an officer in charge of the defense of the city, asks Er Yue Hong, a connoisseur, for help to solve the mystery of the mine on the outskirts of Changsha. What secrets does the mysterious mine hold?
The Lost Tomb movie posterThe Lost Tomb (Daomu Biji Season 1)(Lost Tomb Universe: Book 1) Wu Xie (Li Yifeng) is an antique shop owner who comes from a family of tomb raiders. As he continues the family trade with his team of tomb raiders, he finds lost treasures of the Warring States as well as the answers to the tragedies of his family's past. With the help of his grandfather's notes and his team – Wu Xie sets out to find the lost treasures as well as the people responsible for the massacre of his family. (T)China
The Lost Tomb (Season 2) movie posterThe Lost Tomb 2: Explore with the Note (Daomu Biji Season 2)(Lost Tomb Universe: Books 2-4) The group of heroes are pulled into another tomb-raiding expedition that takes them beneath the sea. In an ancient Ming Dynasty ship, they encounter monstrous creatures and puzzling traps. Wu Xie opens the box that he obtained from the Seven Star Coffins of Lu Wang's Palace to discover a snake-browed copper fish. Wu San Xing recounts the strange occurrences over ten years ago when they went on an archaeological expedition to Paracel Islands. Wu Xie leads a team down to the same place to explore a sunken ship where hidden dangers await. (T)China
The Lost Tomb 2: Palace of Heavenly Clouds movie posterThe Lost Tomb 2: Heavenly Palace of Clouds (Daomu Biji Season 3)(Lost Tomb Universe: Book 4) Wu San Xing leaves instructions for Wu Xie to head to the Changbai Mountains to explore a tomb. On the way there he is accompanied by Zhang Qi Ling, Wang Pang Zi, and some unsavory characters. Second part of 'The Lost Tomb 2: Explore with the Note'. (T) , (U - est. 2021)China
Ultimate Note movie posterUltimate Note (Daomu Biji Season 4)(Lost Tomb Universe: Books 5-7) Curious about his uncle’s past, Wu Xie watched a mysterious videotape, only to find himself mixed up in an elaborate conspiracy. (Watch 4th)(T)China
Tibetan Sea Opera movie posterTibetan Sea Flower (The Lost Tomb Universe: Based on 1st Sequel) The story is part of the Grave Robber Chronicles and tells about Wang Canghai's official career for some reason, sending astronomical, solved multiple of important cases one after another, many clues to important cases point to Changbai Mountain. Finally Wang Canghai discovered the ultimate secret behind the bronze door, going to find the mystery of the world.(T) , (U - est. 2021)China
Sand Puzzle movie posterTomb of the Sea (Sand Puzzle)(Lost Tomb Universe: Based on 2nd Sequel). Li Cu, an ordinary senior high school student was kidnapped and brought to the Badain Jaran Desert. Of those who went there, none has came back alive. The scars on his back, holds the key to the mystery of the ancient tombs. Under the threat of Wu Xie, Li Cu follows him to the ancient tombs. Together they discover the stories behind the disappearing people in the pictures, the unexplained shadows, the broken cameras, the mummies, and more. (T)China
Bang RenTomb of the Sea: Bang Ren (Side Story)The 'Sand Puzzle' (aka 'Tomb of the Sea' series spawned three 'side stories' similar to the Mystic Nine Tetralogy. They are best seen after 'Sand Puzzle'.

Ban Ren -- Wu Shan Ju and Huo You Xin visit Wu's family home to demand an explanation for her employee's sudden death. Instead both Wu and the manager Bai She are suddenly infected with a mysterious illness. They turn to Wu Xie for help. With his assistance and advice they end up at a mysterious cave searching for a cure.
(T) , (N/E)China
Tomb of the Sea Side Story: Hua MeiThe 'Sand Puzzle' (aka 'Tomb of the Sea' series spawned three 'side stories' similar to the Mystic Nine Tetralogy. They are best seen after 'Sand Puzzle'.

Hua Mei -- Wu Shan Ju is currently hiring new employees. Liu Sang, under the direction of Wu Xie, has come to apply for the job and look after Shan Ju. However, Liu Sang finds himself involved directly in one of Wu Shan Ju's oldest secrets: the mystery of a female portrait that cannot be removed from the outer walls of Wu Shan Ju.
(T) , (N/E)China
Ran GuTomb of the Sea Side Story: Ran GuThe 'Sand Puzzle' (aka 'Tomb of the Sea' series spawned three 'side stories' similar to the Mystic Nine Tetralogy. They are best seen after 'Sand Puzzle'.

A servant of the Yin family, Luo Cha, is near-death and inflected with a hex. Wu Xie sends Luo Cha to his family home for help. There Luo Cha meets the temporary owner Huo Dao Fu and his assistent Kan Jian. Together, Huo and Kan use a method involving the burning of bones, but unexpectedly uncover the secrets from 18 years ago.
(T) , (N/E)China
Reunion: The Sound of Providence Side Story - Ping Yao Wang Shi(Lost Tomb Universe: Post - Reunion Season 1 & 2).
It revolves around Liu Sang and Wang Meng's ancestor, Liu Qianmo and Nanmeng Denghai who searches for the Wu Tong Immortal to seek revenge.
The Sound of Providence  movie posterReunion: The Sound of Providence (Season 1)(Lost Tomb Universe: Post-'Tomb of the Sea'; Based on 3rd sequel) After fulfilling his ten year promise with Zhang Qiling, Wu Xie is now living in seclusion in Fujian. One day, he suddenly received a text message from his uncle, Wu Sanxing. Through various clues his uncle left behind, Wu Xie finds an ancient tomb that may be related to his uncle’s past. The tomb is the legendary South Sea King’s Tomb. But just as Wu Xie plans to search for it, Jin Wantang reveals his plan to his Uncle Two. After Uncle Two stops him and hears the story, he decides to join Wu Xie, Fatty, and Zhang Qiling as they search for the tomb.(T)China
The Sound of Providence  movie posterReunion: The Sound of Providence (Season 2) (Lost Tomb Universe: Part Two of Reunion; Based on 3rd sequel) After fulfilling his ten year promise with Zhang Qiling, Wu Xie is now living in seclusion in Fujian. One day, he suddenly received a text message from his uncle, Wu Sanxing. Through various clues his uncle left behind, Wu Xie finds an ancient tomb that may be related to his uncle’s past. The tomb is the legendary South Sea King’s Tomb. But just as Wu Xie plans to search for it, Jin Wantang reveals his plan to his Uncle Two. After Uncle Two stops him and hears the story, he decides to join Wu Xie, Fatty, and Zhang Qiling as they search for the tomb.(T)China
Plough Department of Song Dynasty movie posterPlough Department of Song DynastyThe Plough (Big Dipper) Department is a special investigation institution that works for the emperor of the Northern Song Dynasty. Tai Sui and his partners work together to break odd cases and punish the evils. Through a series of cases, Tai Sui found out there was a hidden conspiracy behind these cases, and it was related to his unknown past. (C) , (S) , (W)China
DetectiveSet in the early Republican era, the show follows Tan Bodun and his friends as they pursue a trail of mysterious but related murders in Fuyuan County. Before he can resolve the mysteries of others however, Tan must first resolve the battle for his own heart and mind. A battle that if lost, puts everyone he loves at risk(C)China
Medical Examiner Dr. QinMedical Examiner Dr. QinQin Ming's assistant resigned because of his unbearable and quirky temper. Li Dabao of the Department of Mark Inspection was ordered to join assist him and shows remarkably good reasoning and observation capabilities. The critical Qin is slowly impressed and along with her and his detective friend Lin Tao, they uncover a variety of bizarre cases. (C), (M), (P)China
Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: The SurvivorQin Ming is a sunny and optimistic young man; a driven Medical Examiner. When he was seven, he went to the seaside with his parents only to find that they've died in a bizarre manner with his mother holding on to a suspicious handmade copper button. Qin Ming spends his entire life hoping to find the real reason to his parent's strange deaths. His team works together in solving cases and to find the murderer behind his parent's death. (C), (M), (P)China
Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: ScavengerSequel to Dr Qin. Medical Examiner.

Medical examiner Qin Ming, together with his assistant and a police detective, solves crimes with his expertise.
(C), (M), (P)China
Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: The SurvivorDragon City is bogged by another serial murder case that has resulted in the deaths of numerous female victims. Without exception, each victim is missing a part of their body. The team of investigators work hard to find a trail among the clues and they discover that under the eerie light is a glass container that carries the missing heart. Will Qin Ming find the killer in time to prevent more deaths? (Source: MyDramaList)(C), (M), (P)China
Dr. Qin Corpse Whisperer Movie PosterMedical Examiner Dr. Qin: Corpse Whisperer Prequel to Dr. Qin Medical Examiner (TV Series)

Qin Ming is a sunny and optimistic young man; a driven Medical Examiner. When he was seven, he went to the seaside with his parents only to find that they've died in a bizarre manner with his mother holding on to a suspicious handmade copper button. Because of the suspicious appearance of the button, Qin Ming spends his entire life finding the source of the copper button, hoping to find the real reason to his parent's strange deaths. After reporting to the new unit, together with Lin Tao, Ling Dang and Yang Mei, they work together in solving cases and to find the murderer behind his parent's death (Source: MyDramaList)
(C), (M), (P), (U - est. 2022)China
Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: Mind ReaderHas not been published yet(C), (M), (P), (U - est. 2021)China
Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: Silent EvidenceTalented youth Qin Ming just stepped out into society. With the help of Lin Dang and others, he slowly steps out of his childhood trauma and become a renowned medical examiner who can take charge of the whole bureau.
A new murder happened with the same M.O. as 15years ago. Did they catch the wrong person? Or the murderer had an accomplice? The nightmares and memories Qin Ming experience resurface again. (Source: MyDramaList)
(C), (M), (P), (U - est. 2021)China
My Roommate is a DetectiveSet in the mid-1920s. A resourceful young police officer named Qiao Chu Sheng is on the trail of a brutal but devious killer. Realizing that the police force will need some extra help with this difficult case, he decides to form an elite crime-busting detective team. He reaches out to a young man who has recently returned from studying in Great Britain, Lu Yao. Qiao Chu Sheng has learned that Lu Yao has remarkable powers of deduction and a brilliant mind – and believes he can help crack this difficult case. To round off the team, he enlists the help of Bai You Ning, a focused young female reporter for a daily newspaper. A free-thinking, independent young woman, she has a strong sense of justice – and pledges to help catch the killer. The trio form a small detective squad that specializes in solving strange and unsettling murder mysteries. (Source: MyDramaList)(C), (D), (J)China
Original SinA lawyer who has been sentenced to jail becomes successful in business after serving time. A cop with a flourishing career solves case after case. The two people who are on opposite sides of the law are forced to join hands.

Chi Zhen uses his wits and courage to outsmart the rich and powerful, making him a thorn in the side of the police force and earning him notoriety in other circles. Meanwhile, model student Lu Li graduates from the police academy at the top of his class and commences his dream career in the police force. After cracking a series of tough cases, he is promoted to chief of police within just a few years. Four years on, Chi Zhen and Lu Li’s paths fatefully cross. Though polar opposites, to begin with, the ex-convict and chief of police put their differences behind them and come to trust and rely on each other.
Day and Night (was on Netflix - may return)The usually carefree Guan Hong Yu gets accused of having murdered a whole family. To clear his younger twin brother’s charge, the team leader of the criminal investigation department Guan Hong Feng wants to take on this case, but since he’s a relative, he’s not allowed to participate in the investigation. A new team leader named Zhou Xun is assigned and ends up seeking Hong Feng’s help. Zhou Xun and Hong Feng as his “consultant” uncover a number of cases together. However, Hong Feng has a secret: one of the twin brothers has fear of the dark phobia, so the “Hong Feng” appearing at the police station during the day and at night is actually not the same person. Together, the twins secretly try to find out the truth about the “family extinction murder case”.(C), (P)China
Ferry Man (Season 2)Ferryman Zhao Li, college student Xia Dong Qing, and celestial maiden Ya reunited once again for their ghostbusting adventures. Except for this time, Xia was on the other side of the life/death divide after getting killed by a vengeful ghost. Fortunately, Ya's blood was able to keep him "undead" as he tried to collect 99 souls for the ferryman in exchange for returning to his "alive" state. (Source: MyDramaList)(S)China
Ferry Man (Season 1)A young man Xia Dong Qing who can see ghosts, work together with the soul ferryman Zhao Li to help those wandering souls with unfinished wishes. (Source: MyDramaList)(S)China
Ferry Man (Season 3)Zhao Li, Dong Qing, and Xiao Ya continue their efforts to resolve the final grievances of the dead to help their souls move on to the underworld for a chance at reincarnation. Unfortunately, time is running out for Zhao Li and Xiao Ya to explain to Dong Qing the mystery behind his 'ghost-seeing' eyes and to prepare for the darkness that is starting to awaken in the supernatural world. Can their friendship withstand past grievances or will the rising shadow break apart their friendship once and for all? (S), (W)China
The Silent CriminalDastardly thieves hatch a murderous plan in a quiet, sleepy town. They plot to seize a box containing a powerful weapon that has the potential to bestow its bearer with devastating powers. But when they finally get their hands on the precious box, it proves to be empty, and they are mysteriously executed. Long Yao is high-born royalty – but he is also a fearsome warrior, a skilled martial artist, and a tireless believer in justice. He decides to embark on an undercover mission to find out what has happened to the weapon, and the thieves who tried to seize it. His quest leads him to cross paths with Shi Jing Yao, a lowly town investigator. At first, Long Yao suspects Shi Jing Yao of having a role in the killings… but soon realizes that he is innocent, and could actually become a very powerful ally indeed. (Source: MyDramaList)(C)China
The UntamedWei Wu Xian and Lan Wang Ji, two talented disciples of respectable clans, meet during cultivation training and accidentally discover a secret carefully hidden for many years. Taking on the legacy of their ancestors, they decide to rid the world of the ominous threat, but in a dramatic turn of events, Wei Wu Xian dies. Sixteen years later, Wei Wu Xian is brought back to life through a self-sacrificing ritual. He conceals himself behind a mask and assumes the identity of his summoner. Soon Wei Wu Xian reunites with Lan Wang Ji, and the pair starts working together to solve the mysteries of the present and unravel the truth behind the events of the past. (Source: MyDramaList)

*Mystery is mostly the last 3rd of the show
(2), (W)China
The Untamed: The Living DeadNear Qishan Mountain, there is a little town called Fu Feng, which is nicknamed the "City That Never Turns Dark". There, lies a legend of the "Lit Lamp Murderer". Wen Ning arrives at Fu Feng, and he realizes the abnormality of the town; the whole town is filled only with the weak and sick; and is very run down. When the night arrives, Wen Ning purposefully lit up a lamp to attract ghost shadows. Just as he was about to capture them, a ray of blue sword light appears and the black shadow disappears. Wen Ning looks up, and sees his famillar friend, Lan Sizhui. Wen Ning and Lan Sizhui decides to work together and solve the mystery and capture the culprit behind the mysterious incidents.

*Sequel / Shoot off of 'The Untamed'
(2), (W)China
The Untamed: Fatal JourneyThe story is set during the time when the Qinghe Nie sect was dealing with their ancestral knife tomb incident. Nie Ming Jue brought Nie Huai Sang with other Nie sect disciples to restore the tomb back to its original state to ensure peace in the Nie sect.
Through this, Nie Huai Sang went from a playful disciple to maturing into the next generation sect leader and Nie Ming Jue learned how to better understand his brother and helped him grow.

*Sequel / Shoot off of "The Untamed"
(2), (W)China
The Burns of SinSu Cheng returns to his hometown after several years abroad to find his best friend Wang and old crush Lin Jing married and settled down. Cheng's memories of the city reflect a difficult childhood suffering from depression and frequent fights with classmates.
Suddenly Wang is found brutally murdered in what police suspect to be one of a series of serial killings over cheating spouses. The killer kidnaps the cheating couple and tortures them before murdering one and leaving the other as a witness. Jing refuses to believe her husband would have cheated on her and desperately searches for answers to his death. At her side, Su Cheng seeks to protect Lin Jing while keeping his own dark secrets at bay.
Meanwhile police suspect Su Cheng may have had something to do with the crimes. Is his return really as coincidental as it seems?
(C), (P)China
Pysch HunterPsych HunterJiang Shuo suffers from amnesia but finds himself in possession of the strange ability to enter the mind and psychology of persons and an uncanny familiarity with Chinese mysticism. Pursuing Jiang Shuo is the mysterious six-fingered Li Zhi - an even stronger mentalist with a bent towards murder.

Searching for his history and the identity of Li Zhi, Jiang Shuo teams up with psychologist Qin YiHeng (who's father was kidnapped by Li Zhi) and Yuan MyQing, a local policewoman. Together, they solve a series of murders - each bringing them one step closer to Li Zhi's final game. Can they outwit the master? Or will Jiang Shou fall into his trap and lose those closest to him?

Themes of Fantasy, Psychological Thriller, Steampunk.
(C), (D), (P), (SF)China
YouTubeQin Chi is a Deputy Chief Police Officer who awakens from a coma with amnesia only to learn that he apparently led a team of his close friends on a stake-out that ended up with everyone dead. With police suspecting he was a traitor (as the sole survivor) and all the witnesses dead, Qin Chi must figure out what happened and what his role in the events was.
(C), (P)China
Sleuth of Ming DynastyIn 15th-century China, a quick-witted, senior-ranking government official named Tang Fan takes a break from his routine activities in order to investigate a murder, teaming up with martial arts specialist guardsman Sui Zhou and palace eunuch Wang Zhi to solve the case. As they dig deeper into the crime, the trio soon realizes that something very sinister is afoot – including a plot to launch a bloody coup. Can they stop the criminal mastermind before time runs out?(C)China
Breaking DawnA story that follows a team of cops as they crack serial cases, fight the crusade against drugs and bring down an international crime syndicate. Special forces agent Guo Yang successfully went undercover in a drug gang and brought its leader down. However, the loss of his friend in the ensuing fight forced him into retirement. Now, two years later, undercover cop Zhang Chen seeks his help in bringing down a new gang leader.(C)China
S.C.I. (Special Crime Investigation)A series telling the story of a life and death contest between justice and evil. Some people try their best to resist the darkness; while others openly embrace it. Are the shadows and temptations in your life illusion? Reality? Or is it the murderous whisper of a man who seems to control individuals with an invisible spell. Bai Yu Xi and Zhan Yao lead SCI to unravel the mystery of a psychopathic killer who always seems not one, but several steps ahead.(C), (P)China
The ThunderDrug trafficker Liu Haoyu colludes with Lin Yaodong to build an underground drug manufacturing facility. During one of his missions, anti-drug police enforcer Li Fei inadvertently discovers the truth behind the covert operation. Despite many obstacles from those in power who work to protect the drug ring, he and partner Song Yang launch a full investigation. Meanwhile, Li Fei's father Li Weimin also heads up an operation as the anti-drug chief in an effort to wipe out the criminal syndicate.(C)China
Tientsin Mystic (Season 1)During the Republican era, a river is haunted by inexplicable occurrences. Guo De You is a policeman who succeeds in his master 'Old River God' and has inherited his ability to weed out the guilty whenever he lights the pipe. He ends up being suspected of the murder of a distinguished chairman whose son Ding Mao joins hands with him to uncover the truth. Together with some unlikely partners, they begin an investigation that leads them to an incident that happened twenty years ago.(C), (D), (J), (M), (S)China
Tientsin Mystic (Season 2)Sequel and continuance of Season 1.(C), (D), (J), (M), (S)China
The Phantom Detective movie posterThe Phantom DetectiveA young private detective has one goal in life: find the killer who murdered his mother and exact revenge on him. It's been 20 years and he"s finally has a lead. But as he tracks the killer down he soon discovers that several men have taken him away, leaving behind 2 young girls he must now attend to. Little do they know that this is the same group that created both him and the killer!(D)Korea, S.
ElementaryIn Elementary, legendary detective Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) brings his unique crime-solving skills to the NYPD. As a recovering drug addict, he’s aided by his “sobriety companion,” Dr. Joan Watson (Lucy Liu). This updated twist on the celebrated sleuth opens up a whole new world of cases and characters. Working together with Captain Thomas Gregson (Aidan Quinn) and Detective Marcus Bell (Jon Michael Hill), Holmes and Watson battle the city’s most ruthless criminals. Along the way, they encounter crimes that test their wits, instincts and partnership.(C)United States
Nero WolfeSet (more or less) in the late 1940s/early 1950s, Nero Wolfe finds Wolfe (Maury Chaykin), a corpulent recluse who grows orchids and analyzes clues from a distance, and the acerbic knight-errant, Goodwin (Timothy Hutton), Wolfe's underpaid eyes and ears on the world, cracking tough cases and refusing to bow to authority, power, or wealth.(D)United States
Justice Bao - The Myth of ZhanzhaoThe Northern Song Dynasty was harassed by foreign troops from the Cypriots, suffering from drought internally, food shortages and four crimes. At this time there is a vision, Ziyue hangs high, and the wicked act in the name of Ziyue and commit murder. Bao Zheng was ordered to strictly investigate the Ziyue gang and solve the case at every level. In the end, Ziyue disappeared, and Bao Zheng and Zhan Zhao joined forces to eliminate the Ziyue gang and return to peace.(C)China
The Legend of Young Justice BaoA young Bao Zheng heads to the capital for the civil service examinations. He encounters several mysteries, thus beginning a legendary tale as he works with Gongsun Ce and Zhan Zhao to crack the case.(C)China
Boku Wa Doko KaraTakeuchi Kaoru is a young man with a special ability. He can experience the thoughts of others, just by copying their writings. He wants to become a writer, but, due to his special ability, he has a hard time writing his own work. Taking care of his sick mother also doesn't help his writing.
Fujiwara Tomomi, who went to same school as Kaoru, is a young yakuza. He offers Kaoru money if he'll take a university exam for a young man. But things soon escalate to murder.
The Long NightIt was an open shut case with hundred of witnesses seeing the murder suspect trying to dispose of a body and a signed confession from the suspect himself. And yet when the case was ready for court, the prosecutor discovered that the case was not as it appeared. The murder was but a cover for another more shocking injustice. He spent ten years trying to uncover the truth, toiling away his youth, his career, his reputation, his family, and even his life.(C), (L)China
Golden EyesIt is said that only individuals with the "spirit language" (言灵 in Chinese and Kotodama in Japanese) can possess a pair of Golden Eyes. A simple pawn shop worker, Zhuang Rui had his own eyes mutated after an accident during a robbery attempt of an ancient Jade carving. His mutated eyes subsequently brought many changes to his life in many unexpected ways he could ever imagined. His new life started after he adopted the pair of special eyes and his spiritual adventure began. The dragon clan are the only individuals who have access to this power and Chu Zi is the only person apart from the dragon clan who can utilise this magic power. However, Chu Zi's level of mastery over the pair of golden eyes is not equal to that of the two brothers from the dragon clan, Lu Ming Fei and Lu Wei Zhe, who are also bestowed with this magical gift.(T)China
Burning IceTo protect the woman he loves, a white-collar worker unintentionally becomes involved in a murder case and is from then on a suspect. In the blink of an eye, his quiet and boring life gets completely shaken up as he suddenly is both being chased by the police as well as gangsters.(FA)China
The City of ChaosTo take care of the increasingly-rampant international drug trafficking organizations, a joint team was formed. Suspicions and betrayals surround both parties, and among the key players are a gangster with multiple identities and a war prisoner.(C)China







  • 99.9
  • Bloody Monday (Seasons 1 & 2)
  • Cold Case: Shinjitsu no Tobira (C) (Seasons 1 & 2)
  • Death Note
  • Galileo (C) (Seasons 1 & 2)
    • Galileo Suspect X (C) – Film
    • Galileo XX (C) – Film
  • Hard Nut! (D)
  • Hidarime Tantei Eye (Film + Show)
  • Hidden Identity (C)
  • Kagi no Kakatta Heya
  • Kuroshitsuji (A)
  • Miman Keisatsu Midnight Runner
  • Mirror Twins (C)
  • Mr. Brain (C)


  • 365: Repeat the Year (C, D; Time Travel)
  • 38 Task Force (C)
  • Bad Guys (C)
  • Bad Guys: City of Evil (C)
  • Black & White (C)
  • Cheo Yong (S)(C) (Seasons 1 & 2)
  • Dr. Frost (C, D, M)
  • Ghost (C)
  • The Ghost Detective (D, S)
  • God’s Quiz (Seasons 1 – 4) (M)
  • God’ Quiz (Reboot) (M)
  • Good Detective (C)
  • Investigation Couple (C) Seasons (1 & 2)
  • Leverage
  • Mad Dog
  • Memorist (C)
  • Missing Noir M (C)
  • Pied Piper (C)
  • Player (C)
  • Pride and Prejudice
  • Sign (M)
  • Special Affairs Team Ten (C) (Seasons 1 & 2)
  • Strong Girl Boon Soon (2)
  • The Swindlers
  • Team Bulldog: Off Duty Investigation (C)
  • Vampire Prosecutor (C, S) (Seasons 1 & 2)
  • You’re All Surrounded (C)


  • Force (C)

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