An extensive (and always growing) list of mystery books and novels from around the world.

  • Have you read all of these?
  • Which are on your ‘to read’ list?
  • Which are the best?
  • The worst?
  • Any we should add?

This list is frequently updated whenever we have time or read new books. If you have any recommendations (from any country) please share in the comments!

Note that we define ‘Cozy Mystery’ as a work with minimal sex, violence, psychological intrigue, or gruesome depictions (e.g., not thriller – think Nancy Drew, Agatha Christie).

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Disclaimer: This article may contain affiliate links or paid sponsorships. *Some works may deal with difficult / adult subjects or may be graphic to watch. You should read online reviews and read at your own discretion. The Suitcase Detective is not responsible for any consequences that come from you viewing or reading the following works. You should read online reviews and select at your own discretion. Some of the content on the sites or in the books listed may not be acceptable for minors. Incorporation into this list does not reflect the views or opinions of “The Suitcase Detective”; it is not a recommendation or endorsement.

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Genres: Autopsy / Pathology, Blackmail / Extortion, Cozy Mystery, Criminal POV, Criminal Psychology, CyberCrime, Espionage, Falsely Accused, High School, Historical, Horror, Journalist, Kidnapping / Escape, Law, LGBT, Manga / Graphic Novels, Medical, National Police, Nosy Detective, Police Detective, Political, Private Detective, Scientific Evidence, SciFi & Fantasy, Supernatural, Time Travel, Treasure Hunt, True Crime, Vengeance, Vigilante Justice, Wuxia / Asian Fantasy

Mystery and Crime Novels

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