True Crime & Unsolved Homicide

This international true crime blog includes stories and updates regarding missing persons and unsolved mysteries strongly suspected or known to involve a criminal element.

If you would like to view or search our global database of case files regarding missing persons, unidentified remains, and unsolved murders, check out the ‘Never Quit Looking’ page.

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  1. Kimmie

    How do you get all of your information about each case?

    1. deceptivelyblonde

      Every source we look at are listed within each article in the “References” area including links if the source is online. There are also buttons above the references with direct links to the government or police alerts. The basic details always come from a police or Interpol notice / alert. Once we have the basics, we fill in what we can based on other primary sources (e.g., the family’s website or social media pages) and respected secondary sources (newspaper articles, other websites, etc.) If you are looking for more details on a case, check out the references list!

  2. A.S.

    Your info is so well researched and put together in such a well thought out helpful manner. Thank you!

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