This is our ever growing collection of Mystery-Themed games of all varieties. We try grouping the list into the following categories (more added as we find new cool stuff to try)

PC Games
Video Games
Board Games
Card Games
Activity Books
Jigsaw Puzzles
Mystery Boxes

Please note that we have not tested all of the items on this list — some of these are on our wish lists too!

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wdt_ID Game About Play Now Brand Genre

Title: Body on the Boardwalk
Description: When a body turns up inside a popular ride at a seaside amusement park, cops believe it is an open and shut case - the boyfriend did it. The suspect’s mother reaches out to you in hopes of clearing his name, but even she has to admit that the evidence against her son looks bad.
Brand: Hunt a Killer
Review: We really enjoyed this mystery box game!  It comes with the story and lots of little game pieces for you to work with (newspaper articles, ticket stubs, items of evidence, etc) in their original form (e.g., a key chain) which made the solving a lot more realistic and fun.  Great for a few hours of fun with family and friends!

Hunt a Killer Mystery Box

Title: True Crime Trivia
•Did a serial killer roam the Titanic?
•Which food is the most shoplifted?
•How many killers get away with murder each year?
•Did a fax machine identify the Black Dahlia?
Discover the answers to 350 eye-opening questions like these in True Crime Trivia. Each question is multiple choice or true/false so you can play trivia against yourself or your friends. Correct answers include surprising stories and shocking details about true crime cases you thought you knew and ones you have never heard of before.
Author: Michelle Tooker

Activity Book

Title: True Crime Activity Book for Adults
Want to know more about the life and crimes of Ted Bundy, Alien Wuornos, Ed Kemper, Dennis Nilsson, Harold Shipman and more? Then you need to solve dozens of different tasks: cryptograms, crosswords, sudoku, math logic, riddles, quizzes, word scramble, coloring pages, tests, fallen phrases, word search and much more.
Author: Brian Berry

Activity Book

Title:AstroGastro (Mystery Puzzle)
Description: In a city with strange objects raining down from above, the inhabitants are working hard to reach the Great Beyond.Will they see what’s on the other side?
Brand: Odd Pieces

Odd Pieces Jigsaw Puzzle

Title: The Clairvoyant's Convention (Murder Most Puzzling)
Description: Someone’s been strangled at the international clairvoyants’ convention, just before they could unmask a fraud at work in the crowd. Only the great detective Medea Thorne can find the killer. But every sleuth needs a sidekick: That’s where you come in. Begin by reading the story of the incident. Then, guided by the narrative rather than a visual reference, complete the jigsaw. The finished image provides all the clues you need to decipher whodunit.
Brand: Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods Jigsaw Puzzle

Title: The Missing Will (Murder Most Puzzling)
Description: Uncle Gregory McGough has passed away...or could it have been murder? His will is locked away in a safe. The only problem is no one knows the code. Only the great detective Medea Thorne can deduce the combination and reveal the contents of the will. But every sleuth needs a sidekick. Are you up for the challenge? Begin by reading the story of the incident. Then, guided by the narrative rather than a visual reference, complete the jigsaw. The finished image provides all the clues you need to decipher whodunit.
Brand: Uncommon Goods


Uncommon Goods Jigsaw Puzzle

Title: Murder at Bedford Manor
Description: Are you a super sleuth? Get out your detective kit and see if you can solve this murder mystery. Read the enclosed original story by Claudia Busto, piece together the jigsaw puzzle by artist Gene Dieckhoner and see if you can solve the Murder At Bedford Manor!
Brand: Bits & Pieces

Bits & Pieces Jigsaw Puzzle

Title: The Baron, The Witch, and the Thief
Description: Your wife has been falsely accused of witchcraft and has been taken away by the Baron’s men. Now she is locked up in the castle tower, waiting for her execution. You only have one night to break into the impenetrable fort, find your wife and save her from being burned at the stake. An impossible mission…but fortunately there is help from an unexpected source!
Brand: Identity Games

Identity Games Mystery Box, Jigsaw Puzzle

Title: A is for Arson
Description: Benji Patel's restaurant lies in ashes, a charred body has been discovered. Was it an accident or something much more sinister? To find out who really dunnit, hold the solution up to the mirror. Read the mystery, assemble 2 evidence puzzles and finally, solve the mystery of who burned down Benji Patel's restaurant.
Brand: TDC Games
Alphabet Murder Puzzle

TDC Games Jigsaw Puzzle

Title: B is for Birthday
Description: Assemble the two puzzles that represent "before" and "after" evidence of the crime scene. B is for Birthday mystery...Discover why this birthday party has gone to the dogs.
Brand: TDC Games
Alphabet Murder Puzzle


TDC Games Jigsaw Puzzle
Brand Genre

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