Below you can find a Map of the various cases we have incorporated into ‘Never Quit Looking‘ – our database for missing persons, unidentified bodies, and unsolved homicides. This map is updated periodically, usually about every three months right now. *We are currently shifting to a new platform and it will take some time to update all the case files. We appreciate your patience.

To view the full, filtered map, click the button “Link to Full Map” below.

Each person listed on the map is also a case file on Never Quit Looking. Just search the database according to the “Record ID” or Name as listed on the map description.

*Please note that in many cases, the only location given is a particular country or town. As a result, the pins will overlap tightly. In that case, you can find the list by searching for that country or town in the search bar and going through their cards individually.

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HTML Button Generator

Tour Guide

1) Click the arrow on the upper left-hand side to open the menu sidebar:

2) In the introduction slide you can “Show All Places” to see all the case files:

3) Once you see the list of places, they can be filtered using the tag icon or searched using the search icon.

  • “Tags” will filter by Age, Gender, Hair Color, Eye Color, and Ethnicity — You can combine tags to improve filtering
  • “Search” will pull from all other features

4) The Never Quit Looking database will cover substantially more details than the map. You can find a link to the victim’s case file on NQL at the bottom of their card under “Case Record”