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‘Never Quit Looking’ provides records of missing persons, unidentified bodies, and unsolved homicides to the public and police agencies.

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James Patrick Grealis

James Patrick Grealis (Missing Person)

James Patrick Grealis ➜ A young Irish expat working as a carpenter in the Netherlands disappeared after checking out of his hotel in Breda. There has been no trace of him in more than a decade, despite an extremely close relationship with his family.

Diyor Ishanov (Missing Child)

Diyor Ishanov ➜ Young Boy vanished under unknown circumstances in Uzbekistan. He is in his 20s as of 2021.

Opelika Sweetheart: Unidentified Jane Doe (Case #1964)

Opelika Sweetheart (Lee County Jane Doe) ➜ Remains of an unidentified child appear similar to a girl photographed at a church event. This girl is also unidentified.

Nathanan Phakham (Missing Person)

Nathanan Phakham ➜ A young Thai man disappeared from the streets of Hong Kong under unknown circumstances.

6 Lesser-Known Cozy Mysteries for the Winter Nights (International Edition)

Check out these six cozy mysteries from around the world! From 1920s Shanghai to 1950s US to modern Italy, where will the detective take you?

Huang Jiaming (Missing Child)

Huang Jiaming ➜ Autistic Child disappeared from a park and remains missing. He struggles with communication but likes playing with buttons.

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