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‘Never Quit Looking’ provides records of missing persons, unidentified bodies, and unsolved homicides to the public and police agencies.

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Numbers (Film Review)

When a corrupt accounting firm bankrupts his adopted father’s company and leads to his death, Jang Ho Woo goes undercover to find the truth. What he finds is a conspiracy that threatens the nation.

Harald Lognvik (Missing Person)

Harald Lognvik ➜ A young outdoorsman disappeared from his apartment unexpectedly in the night. Those at home and abroad are asked to watch for him in the hills and trails of Norway.

Kenji Ogu (Missing Child)

Kenji Ogu ➜ A junior high student ran away from home after an argument over his shoes but never returned despite leaving behind all his possessions and missing an important band event he had spent long hours preparing for.

Unnatural (Film Review)

When the cause of death remains ‘unknown’ or when the victim remains unidentified and unclaimed, the forensic team at UDI finds the answers.

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