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‘Never Quit Looking’ provides records of missing persons, unidentified bodies, and unsolved homicides to the public and police agencies.

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Nicole González Calderón (Missing Girl)

Nicole González Calderón ➜ Nicole was headed to play with a friend’s in the same neighborhood. She never made it, but there have been possible sightings since. A young man’s suicide two days later raised questions as to a potential relationship between the two.

Christian Hohl (Missing Man)

Christian Hohl ➜ Christian left his home at night to get a pack of cigarettes from a machine nearby. He never returned and there has been no sign of him since.

Blake Chappell (Unsolved Homicide)

Blake Chappell ➜ Blake was walking home from his girlfriend’s house around 5:30 am when he disappeared. His body was found two months later floating in a nearby stream. Time of death: Unknown. Cause of death: Shot from the back.

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