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‘The Suitcase Detective’ provides records of missing persons, unidentified bodies, and unsolved homicides to the public and police agencies.

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Vachagan Asatryan missing poster

Vachagan Asatryan (Վաչագան Ասատրյանը ) (Missing Child)

Vachagan Asatryan (Վաչագան Ասատրյանը ) ➜ Child, Age 7. Disappeared from his hometown of Arapi, Armenia while outside alone.

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Richard Halliday (Missing Person)

Richard Halliday ➜ Disappeared after leaving his barracks at Fort Bliss. The army is accused of failing to properly respond to his disappearance, and Richard’s family continues to call greater transparency as they search for their missing son

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United We Stand To Find the Lost and Missing

Finding missing persons is one time politics has no place in the discussion. Political disputes and alternative views on government or economics should never be permitted to stand in the way of offers to help or opportunities to cooperate in the search for a missing person. There are 7.67 Billion people populating this earth, of whom some 76% are adults with all the capabilities to cooperate in and participate in the search. That amounts to nearly eleven billion eyes that could be watching and helping us to find our missing families, friends, and children. When a person goes missing, it’s […]

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Royal Medical Examiner (Film Review)

Royal Medical Examiner – The story takes place during the historical Ming Dynasty. Late one evening, the cries of a baby were suddenly heard in Lin’an County Cemetery and two corpses lie in a grave one on the other. Murder is clear, but the means not so much and a local medical examiner Song Shao is called in to investigate.

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Temporary Absence During Travel

Assuming all goes well, we will be traveling to China in the coming week and then living out a month (4 weeks +) in government mandated quarantine.

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‘The Lost Tomb’ in Chronological Order

An introduction to the universe of ‘The Grave Robber Chronicles’ (aka ‘The Lost Tomb’ universe). Includes a list of all of the dramas and movies in chronological order for best watching!

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