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‘Never Quit Looking’ provides records of missing persons, unidentified bodies, and unsolved homicides to the public and police agencies.

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The Original Mystery Fountains! 

Am I shooting a ‘mystery’ themed firework today for the holidays?. . . Why yes, yes I am 😂 The Original Mystery Fountains!  And the Orient Express! Is there a murder, we’ll need Hercule to see! Happy 4th of July!

Prissy’s Eagle Eye is Back on the Detective Trail!

As a kid, I was a fan of the Mandie mysteries & her cat Snowball, but also 💀 allergic to real cats. So my mom bought me Prissy 😍, a TY beanie kitten for my own. 😻 Prissy has accompanied my through many a detective hunt through the back yard, sat at my side through Nancy Drew novels, and waited patiently for pats throughout the years. A constant companion, she has long earned a place of honor in my home. She’s been dragged from vacation to vacation, from college in Virginia to grad school in Iowa to S. Korea, China, […]

François Thillman (Missing Man)

François Thillman ➜ François went out to celebrate graduation and a new job with some friends in Paris, France. He was last seen injured by a witness the next morning. François was just one of several men of similar descriptions who disappeared across France in winter 2010-2011 under similar circumstances.

Dana Jane Bruce (Missing)

Dana Jane Bruce ➜ Young single mother left her cherished children with the babysitter and went out with a friend. She planned to return the next day. . . but vanished in the night.

James Patrick Grealis

James Patrick Grealis (Missing Person)

James Patrick Grealis ➜ A young Irish expat working as a carpenter in the Netherlands disappeared after checking out of his hotel in Breda. There has been no trace of him in more than a decade, despite an extremely close relationship with his family.

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