Never Quit Looking is a global database of missing persons, unidentified remains, and unsolved homicides. Case files are predominantly compiled from government websites, national databases, personal websites dedicated to missing persons, and social media.

The purpose of “Never Quit Looking” is to provide a standardized platform for families, police, government agencies, and NGOs to spread cases unresolved domestically for more than a year to a global audience. The database encourages:

  1. Compiling data about cases from around the world into a single location for use internationally or where the case might involve multiple countries.
  2. Providing an easily searched, easily translated, easily accessed database that can be readily used by persons regardless of language or nationality.
  3. Establishing a highly detailed, researched, and consistently updated database for increased reliability.
  4. Offering improved, extensive filters for easy case identification where limited information about a case is known.
  5. Identifying cross-border trends and patterns.
  6. Facilitating the identification and comparison of relevant missing persons cases with unidentified remains.
  7. Increasing exposure of unresolved cases to a diversified, international audience.

In addition to offering the “Never Quit Looking” database, the Suitcase Detective also provides to families and authorities a clean, easy to share poster with the relevant details in English and in the native language.

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How Can I Help?

There are many different ways for you to contribute or help with “Never Quit Looking”! The Suitcase Detective manages this system alone with two people working on it in our spare time. So additional man-power can significantly help speed up assistance.

*Please note that none of these options ask for your personal details or private information other than possibly your email address which is shared when you email us.

Translate the Submission Form

Do you know a language other than English? We could use your help!

We have developed a standardized case intake form in English. Eventually, we would like to see this form translated into all nationally-recognized languages to facilitate international case submission. Unfortunately, our native language is English and we are only able to work with online translation programs ourselves.

You could contribute to “Never Quit Looking” mission by either reviewing an existing translation or adding a new language.

Our basic English form is available here. We have attempted to provide some basic translations already, but these could always use a second eye from a native speaker.

  • Arabic (Standard)
  • Chinese (Standard)
  • English
  • French
  • Hindi
  • Spanish


  • Review the Original Form
  • Provide Your Edits or New Translation as a Word Document
  • Email the Finished Copy to

Submit Your National Police Contact Information

To facilitate the reporting of new information or sightings, we are developing a contact list for the primary police departments or governmental agencies responsible for handling these cases.

Unfortunately, that can be difficult to find because of language barriers.

If you can review our list here and verify the information is correct for your country, it is greatly appreciated!


  • Verify that we have included your country – if not, please submit as many of the following details as you can find:
    • Department or Agency Name
    • Website
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address
    • Emergency Contact Number (e.g., 911)
  • If there is an additional agency supported by the government that helps [e.g., NCMEC (US), Crime Stoppers, Missing People (UK)], please share their information too.
  • Verify that the information presently listed on the page is correct for your country.
  • You can contact us here or at

Submit New Cases

Presently we add new cases according to our own research, which is slow with only one or two people working part-time. If you are interested in speeding up the process, you can submit new cases yourself!

Our English-Language Intake Form is available online for easy case submission.

We ask that you fill in as much information as you can find / have available. However, if some information is unknown, those boxes can be left blank.


  1. Notices that are less than one year old will only be shared on our blog.
  2. Notices that are more than one year old will be added to the “Never Quit Looking” database.
  3. We do not include “parent abductions” for legal reasons.
  4. All cases must have a link to some form of public notice attached (e.g., newspaper listing, police record, database listing). This is how we verify the person is still missing and that the details shared are public information.
  5. The case can originate from anywhere in the world. It will be shared regardless of nationality.
  6. Requests are processed in the order they are received.


  • Research the case involved.
  • Complete the intake form as thoroughly as possible.
  • The form is submitted online when you are finished.

Update Old Cases

We work hard to ensure the database is up-to-date and kept maintained. However, it takes us a very long time to add new cases while simultaneously monitoring old cases for updates.

You can help by sending us a notice if a case has been updated or if you notice new information should be incorporated into the “Never Quit Looking” record.


There are two ways to contact us with an updated case.

Share Our Cases

We are constantly posting new cases online through this site and various social media accounts. You can find our accounts below – our posts are cross-posted across all platforms.

We would appreciate it significantly if you could share the cases we post and spread the news as far as possible. The more cases we have included and the more eyes watching the database, the more likely it is that our cases can find a solution. Translate the information wherever you think it would facilitate the spread of the case globally!

Shop or Donate

We are also looking for financial support. Operating “Never Quit Looking” is expensive and consumes substantial time alongside high financial costs. Any help you can provide is deeply appreciated.

We do have a store if you prefer to make a purchase – our “Never Quit Looking” collection on RedBubble includes several products that show your support for our mission and spreads the news about what we do. Feel free to check it out! We hope to add new designs soon as well!

If you would prefer to just donate directly, this is also greatly appreciated!


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