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We have limited the list to those blogs and websites that are vastly detective or crime-based (aka, solving a mystery); thus it does not include those that focus on paranormal, supernatural, or horror.

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Genres: True Crime, Unsolved Cases, Solved Cases, Missing Persons, Unidentified Remains, Cold Cases, Present Cases,Historical, Homicide, General Crimes, Wrongful Convictions, Forensics, Book Reviews, TV Reviews, Film Reviews, Game Reviews, Podcasts

True Crime & Mystery Blogs

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Here's the Fucking Twist

Book Reviews with preferred genres of mystery, thriller, and horror. 

Book Reviews, True Crime, Horror, Fiction

True Crime Unlimited

True Crime Unlimited is a blogging website that highlights interesting information from true crimes from the past & present. This includes (but not limited to) Cold Cases, Missing Person &/or Children, & current case updates. 

True Crime, Historical, Homicide, Missing Persons, Cold Cases, Present Cases

Murder Map

The murdermap project began in 2010 with the aim of covering every single case of homicide (murder and manslaughter) from crime to conviction to reveal the stories behind the crime figures. 

True Crime, Homicide, Unsolved Cases, Solved Cases

Cozy Mystery List

A Guide to Cozy Mystery (and Other Favorite) Books, Movies, and TV 

Book Reviews, Film Reviews, TV reviews, Fiction

Crime Traveller

In a journey through criminology, Crime Traveller examines crime and the criminal mind exploring crime research, criminal behavior, and the criminal mind and brain.

True Crime, Criminal Psychology, Unsolved Cases, Homicide, General Crime, Cold Cases, Solved Crime, Present Cases

Mystery File

Devoted to mystery and detective fiction — the books, the films, the authors, and those who read, watch, collect and make annotated lists of them.

Book Reviews, Fiction, TV Reviews, Film Reviews

In Search of the Classic Mystery

Spoiler-Free Reviews of Fair Play Detective Fiction 

Book Reviews, Fiction

Classic Mysteries

Podcasts and conversations about fine detective stories worth reading and re-reading.

Book Reviews, Podcasts, Fiction, Film Reviews

Philly Reader

Reviews of early and Golden Age mystery novels. 

Book Reviews, Fiction

Looking for a Mystery

Classification and Lists of mysteries sorted by authors, locations, topics, era, and more. Excellent starting point if you want to find a new read. 

Book Reviews, Fiction
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