Below is a list of international databases of missing persons,unidentified bodies, and unsolved homicides. We are unaffiliated with these sites and cannot testify to their veracity or the contents therein. This list is restricted to those sites that are managed by or recognized by governmental and reliable institutions.

*The US is so prolific that a list of American databases that are “State-Specific” is included as a separate page here.

We also offer our own global database of missing, unidentified bodies, and unsolved homicides known as Never Quit Looking.” This database is extensive and can be filtered by more than a dozen characteristics.

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International Databases

International Databases

wdt_ID Country Resources
1 International

Never Quit Looking
Interpol Yellow Notices
Doe Network - Primarily North America, Europe, Australia
Global Missing Kids - Children
Missing Doe (Europe) – Europe
Have You Seen Them? - Primarily Children from Europe
Missing Persons Center - Primarily USA
International Missing Persons Wiki
Footprints at the Rivers Edge - Primarily USA & Canada
Community United Effort - Primarily USA
Maybe Here - Primarily Immigration Routes
Child Focus - Children
Polly Klaus - Children
Maybe Here - Middle East
Initiative Vermisste Kinder - Missing Children (Europe)

2 Afghanistan
3 Albania Albania National Helpline for Missing and Exploited Children
National Centre for Missing Children in Albania
Children’s Human Rights Centre of Albania
4 Algeria Missing at the Borders Algeria MP (*Facebook Group)
5 American Samoa
6 Andorra
7 Angola Procura* An app for your mobile used to search for missing persons & things in Angola
8 Anguilla
9 Antigua & Barbuda
10 Argentina Búsqueda de personas desaparecidas y extraviadas
Lost Minors (Buenos Aires)
Provincial Directorate of Registry of Missing Persons (Buenos Aires)
Registro de búsqueda de personas adultas con padecimientos mentales (Buenos Aires)
Personas Desaparecidas (Programa Nacional de Recompensas)
Registro de Personas Desaparecidas y Halladas (Chaco)
Registro Provincial de Personas Extraviadas (Salta)
Missing Children of Argentina
Personas Perdidas
Desaparecidos - List of Forced Disappearances during Prior Dictatorship
Country Resources

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