Shelley Cameron Morgan (Unsolved Homicide)

Photo of Shelley Morgan

Shelley Cameron Morgan (1984) ➜ Was headed to Avon Gorge in Bristol. Found deceased in Backwell. Police request information on missing camera (Olympus OM20) and two relevant postcards. #Missing #NeverStopLooking

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Matthew Alan Mullaney (Missing Person)

Matthew Alan Mullaney ➜ Disappeared 2003 after leaving an Irish pub while studying in Florence, Italy. Numerous possible sightings throughout Europe, leading to Ireland. #Missing #ColdCase #NeverStopLooking

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Lori Ann Boffman (Missing Person)

Lori Boffman ➜ Missing 2006. Last seen driving; car found after an accident still running in Youngstown, OH. Lori was never found. May have been mentally confused due to new medications for Diabetes. #Missing #ColdCase #NeverStopLooking

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Dana Rishpy (Missing Person)

Dana Rishpy ➜ Disappeared after party from Tulum, Mexico while solo-traveling in 2007. The only certain things in this case is that nothing was truly certain.

#TrueCrime #Missing #MissingPerson #NeverStopLooking

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Alexis Patterson (Missing Person)

Alexis Patterson ➜ Missing 2002. Last seen walking to school in Milwaukee, WI. Wearing Purple Shirt + Blue Jeans, Red Jacket, Pink Barbie Backpack. #Missing #MissingChild #NeverStopLooking

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Tabitha Tuders (Missing Person)

Tabitha Tuders

Tabitha Danielle Tuders ➜ Missing 2003. Disappeared while walking to school. May have been kidnapped in red or green car. May have been trafficked (TN to IN). May be related to disappearance of Heaven Ross, Shannon Paulk, and Teresa Dean. #Missing #NeverStopLooking

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Teresa Dean (Missing Person)

Teresa Melissa Dean ➜ Vanished 1999 from her neighborhood in Macon, Georgia. May be related to disappearance of Shannon Paulk, Heaven Ross, and/or Tabitha Tuders #Missing #NeverStopLooking

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Shannon Nichole Paulk (True Crime)

Shannon Paulk

Shannon Nicole Paulk ➜ Vanished 2001 from her neighborhood in Prattville, AL. May be related to disappearance of Teresa Dean, Heaven Ross, and/or Tabitha Tuders #TrueCrime #NeverForget #NeverStopLooking

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Heaven Ross (True Crime)

Heaven Ross

Heaven LaShae Ross (‘Shae’)➜ Vanished 2003 while walking to the school bus stop in Northport, AL. May be related to disappearance of Teresa Dean, Shannon Paulk, and/or Tabitha Tuders #Missing #NeverStopLooking

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Bethany Leanne Markowski (Missing Person)

Bethany Leanne Markowski➜ Missing 2001. Father and Bethany stopped at Old Hickory Mall in Jackson, TN when she went missing. May have been taken by older woman #Missing #NeverStopLooking

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Karen Sue Adams (Missing Person)

Karen S Adams➜ Missing 2007. Last seen at Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort in West Virginia. Driving 2005 Suzuki Forenza #Missing #NeverStopLooking

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The Missing Vietnamese Children of Europe

The Missing Vietnamese Children of Europe ➜ Between 2016 – 2020, hundreds of Vietnamese children have been caught in the slave trade in Europe. Vanishing from shelters and schools, the numbers are staggering. #Missing #MissingChild #SavetheChildren #NeverStopLooking

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