Richard Halliday (Missing Person)

Richard Halliday ➜ Disappeared after leaving his barracks at Fort Bliss. The army is accused of failing to properly respond to his disappearance, and Richard’s family continues to call greater transparency as they search for their missing son

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최재명 – Choi Jaemyeong (Missing Person)

Choi Jaemyung Missing Child Poster

Choi Jae Myeong (최재명) ➜ Jaemyeong disappeared in 1986 from the Gye-yang District of Incheon at the age of 6.

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Tionda and Diamond Bradley (Missing Person)

Tionda and Diamond Bradley ➜ Sisters disappeared mysteriously from the streets near their Chicago apartment after apparently going outside to play

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Eri Kaneko (Missing Person)

Eri Kaneko wearing the long sleeved blue shirt, two puppies on the chest with the words 'carefree puppy'. One puppy is in a dark blue bag that says 'dog food'

Eri Kaneko (金子恵理ちゃん) ➜ Eri-chan (6) disappeared without a trace while playing in the yard of her home in Fudai-mura, Japan.

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Artur Carja (Missing Person)

Artur Carja

Artur Carja (age 9) ➜ Disappeared from a street market in Elbasan, Albania while selling plastic bags with his brother. May have been trafficked to Greece. #Missing #NeverStopLooking

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Dylan Norman John Ehler (Missing person)

Dylan Ehler (age 3) ➜ Disappeared May 2020 from Elizabeth Street, Truro, Canada. Playing in the yard when he vanished. He may have fallen in a nearby river, but the exact circumstances are unknown #Missing #NeverStopLooking

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Lisset Soto Salinas (Missing Person)

Lisset Salinas

Lisset Soto Salinas ➜Kidnapped in 2010 off the street while walking home in Camino Real neighborhood of La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. May have been trafficked across borders. #Missing #NeverStopLooking

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סימה מזייד (Sima Mazeid) (Missing Person)

Sima Mazeid (סימה מזייד) ➜ Disappeared 1998 from Jerusalem, Israel. Circumstances unknown. #Missing #NeverStopLooking

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Elisabet Alonso (Missing Person)

Elisabet Ramos Alonso ➜ Disappeared 2019 from Aspe Alicante, Spain. Circumstances unknown. #Missing #NeverStopLooking

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Matthew Alan Mullaney (Missing Person)

Matthew Alan Mullaney ➜ Disappeared 2003 after leaving an Irish pub while studying in Florence, Italy. Numerous possible sightings throughout Europe, leading to Ireland. #Missing #ColdCase #NeverStopLooking

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Lori Ann Boffman (Missing Person)

Lori Boffman ➜ Missing 2006. Last seen driving; car found after an accident still running in Youngstown, OH. Lori was never found. May have been mentally confused due to new medications for Diabetes. #Missing #ColdCase #NeverStopLooking

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Alexis Patterson (Missing Person)

Alexis Patterson ➜ Missing 2002. Last seen walking to school in Milwaukee, WI. Wearing Purple Shirt + Blue Jeans, Red Jacket, Pink Barbie Backpack. #Missing #MissingChild #NeverStopLooking

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