Rosemary & Thyme (TV Mystery Review)

Rosemary & Thyme Rosemary Boxer (right) and Laura Thyme (left) are the adorable, sweet, and lovely stars of this cozy British mystery series.

When Rosemary and Laura are cast together in the first episode, they rapidly bond over both their passion for gardening and their incurable nosiness. Rosemary has just been pushed out of her job as a university plant biologist and Rosemary gave up her career as a police officer for a husband that has now run off with a much younger woman. 😱 Jumping at the chance for a new start, Rosemary and Laura use their floral expertise to launch a new landscaping business, redoing some of the gorgeous traditional estates dotting the European landscape.

Their visits to the garden also provide the ultimate opportunity for a little snooping in the family affairs – no one ever remembers the gardener when an argument is brewing in the alcoves! 😶 A little murder, a touch of mayhem. . . the answer generally lies in the flowers. And Rosemary and Thyme have just the knowledge of poisons to undo it.

Rosemary & Thyme — Carnival Films

This series is the absolute definition of “Cozy Mystery” – it hearkens back to the old Hallmark / Miss Marple series as something I’d have lots of fun watching with my mom or grandmother. There’s a ton of comedy and cute bits, with a great wholesome atmosphere. The show ran for three seasons, and we binge-watched them all during quarantine.

Most of the shows are episodic, each one bringing a new mystery and a new garden to their feet. There are a few side characters who reappear, though infrequently – Laura’s son (a police officer who helps them run background and license plate checks) and daughter, Rosemary’s mother, etc. But they are typically just chorus and help move the story along. Consequently there really are no dragged-out, season long, angsty themes. It’s something you’d watch on Sunday nights with the family over lasagna and garlic bread, guessing the murderer of the week.

That said, there is a lot of character growth in both Laura and Rosemary (more perhaps in Laura) as they learn to readjust to their late-in-life career adjustments and stepping back into the romance pool again. They’re certainly not afraid of noticing a good looking man, and ladies. . . we can all appreciate that 😂 Watching them is a lot like watching your mom’s friends or aunts in the garden, gossiping and sharing little detail in between plucking the weeds. With a bit of extra snooping thrown in.

If you are a gardening enthusiastic, it’s a lovely show to pick up a few tidbits here and there. As an American, we enjoyed learning about the British names for some of the flowers and even picked up a few ideas on the benefits and how to keep them in some episodes. The scenes were filmed across Europe, so you actually get to see some lovely gardens and learn quite a bit of history in the process.

This is definitely on our recommendation list as a beloved “Nancy Drew Mystery” – amateur detectives who stumble their way into a crime and successfully use their expertise to navigate through the complexities thrown at them. 🕵️‍♀️ Absolutely a fun, must-watch!

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