Heist Uncovered: New Case Closed Game

It’s Official! Case Closed is new on the block, offering the amateur sleuths amongst us a new detective-themed computer game.

Heist Uncovered” is a do-it-yourself investigative game designed for both the intrepid lone-ranger style detective and for the whole gang to pitch in, offering mystery-themed fun for up to six players. The game is entirely digital meaning the clues and evidence can be examined either on the computer itself or printed out for the group to share.

According to the Case Closed Games website, “Heist Uncovered” showcases a thrilling world of heists 🏦, true crime 🚨, and detective work 🕵. As the private investigator(s) on the case, you are encouraged to put your sleuthing skills to the test as you unravel the secrets of a high-stakes heist, one clue at a time.

After purchasing the game (£8.95 or about $11.50), you are immediately given access to the file (17.3MB) for download. Once you open the folder, you are able to see all of the materials needed to play and solve the mystery:

🔎 Detailed game instructions and rules
🔎 Engaging, immersive story line and character profiles
🔎 Clue cards, evidence, and puzzles to solve
🔎 Sleuthing aids and tools to help uncover the truth
🔎35+ Pieces of Evidence

The List of Files in the Download

Simply follow the step-by-step guide and let the investigation begin! As you and your guests navigate the twists and turns of the case, you’ll be immersed in a world of cunning criminals, hidden motives, and unexpected revelations. Will you be the one to crack the case and bring the culprits to justice?

Example from the Case File
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