Eri Kaneko (Missing Person)

Eri Kaneko wearing the long sleeved blue shirt, two puppies on the chest with the words 'carefree puppy'. One puppy is in a dark blue bag that says 'dog food'

Eri Kaneko (金子恵理ちゃん) ➜ Eri-chan (6) disappeared without a trace while playing in the yard of her home in Fudai-mura, Japan.

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Blood of the Vine (Film Review)

One of our favorite French mysteries is ‘Blood of the Vine’ (Le Sang de la Vigne)- a crime show centering around enologist (expert in wine making) and all too enthusiastic amateur detective Benjamin Label.

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Artur Carja (Missing Person)

Artur Carja

Artur Carja (age 9) ➜ Disappeared from a street market in Elbasan, Albania while selling plastic bags with his brother. May have been trafficked to Greece. #Missing #NeverStopLooking

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Happy New Year (2021)

Happy New Year (2021) – Remember, no matter the year. . . #NeverStopLooking

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