Prissy’s Eagle Eye is Back on the Detective Trail!

As a kid, I was a fan of the Mandie mysteries & her cat Snowball, but also 💀 allergic to real cats.

So my mom bought me Prissy 😍, a TY beanie kitten for my own. 😻 Prissy has accompanied my through many a detective hunt through the back yard, sat at my side through Nancy Drew novels, and waited patiently for pats throughout the years. A constant companion, she has long earned a place of honor in my home.

She’s been dragged from vacation to vacation, from college in Virginia to grad school in Iowa to S. Korea, China, Japan and back over the years. Since COVID started in 2020 and I found myself unable to make it home due to travel restrictions, she held down the fort in China as I fought to return and get my world back to normal.

Today, at last, she arrives at my new home!The queen of detective kitties is back in town! Criminals beware of cat! 😽

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