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Title: Memorist (메모리스트)

Country of Origin: South Korea

Episodes: 16

Year: 2020

Genres Police Procedural, Supernatural, Significant Criminal Psychology, Revenge

South Korean supernatural psychological thriller "The Memorist" tells the story of Dong Baek, a brilliant detective with an abnormally high solve rate for the cases he is assigned and a genuinely decent guy with a heart for bringing justice to the victims he encounters. Unfortunately, what he passes off to the public as amazing observation skills is actually a supernatural power he isn't quite sure he wants.

His case closure rate is so high because Dong Baek is able to view memories in the moments he touches another person - memories to which that person has a strong emotional connection. If this were all birthday parties and first kisses, Dong Baek might not be so unhappy with his talents; but with his career its one murder after another, re-living brutal and heartless crimes not through their aftermath but through the memories of the assailants.

The public things Dong Baek is just a 'supernatural detective', but his partners in the force aren't quite so happy to be saddled with a guy who punches first and seemingly finds the proof later. Now, with his place on the force in question and under investigation, can Dong Baek get his act together and solve the new serial killer making his way through town. This new villain is giving Dong Baek a run for his money and keeps dropping hints that there may be an old connection tying them together. Can this killer give Dong Baek answers to the questions of his past? Can they explain how he came to have this unnatural ability? And can Dong Baek learn to master himself before destroying everything he cares about in the path to find his answers?


Dong Baek - Yoo Seung Ho (유승호)

Han Sun Mi - Lee Se Young (이세영)

Lee Shin Woong - Jo Sung Ha (조성하)


Directors: So Jae Hyun & Kim Hwi

Screenwriters: Ahn Do Ha & Hwang Ha Na

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