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Title: Re:Mind | Re:Wind (*Watch Re:Mind first)

Country of Origin: Japan

Episodes: 12 + Special Episode

Year: 2017

Genres Vengeance, Supernatural, Thriller, Horror, Vigilante Justice

After awaking in an old European-style room, eleven high school classmates find themselves sitting at a large dining room table, with their feet shackled to the floor.

They quickly realize that they were each members of 'Perfect Justice' - a vigilante organization run by Miho, one of their classmates. Several months before, Miho was in an accident that left her wheelchair bound shortly before disappearing from their lives permanently.

With the clocks literally ticking their lives away, the girls slowly begin disappearing from around the table one after another. With the only clue warning them they have to remember, they have to begin combing their checkered pasts with Miho, each other, and their organization as they narrow down the suspects to find their kidnapper. Secrets are revealed and betrayals unearthed, but with so much darkness to unearth will they find the key truth in time?


The cast were members of the Japanese Pop Band 'Hiragana Keyakizaka46'

Mao - Iguchi Mao ( 井口眞緒)

Sarina - Ushio Sarina (潮紗理菜)

Memi - Kakizaki Memi (柿崎芽実)

Yuuka - Kageyama Yuka (影山優佳)

Shiho - Kato Shiho (加藤史帆)

Kyoko - Saito Kyoko (齊藤京子)

Kumi - Sasaki Kumi (佐々木久美)

Mirei - Sasaki Mirei (佐々木美玲)

Mana - Takase Mana (高瀬愛奈)

Ayaka - Takamoto Ayaka (高本彩花)

Mei - Higashimura Mei (東村芽依)

Miho - Watanabe Miho (渡邉美穂)


Directors: Narita Gaku

Screenwriters: Murooka Yoshimiko & Hosaka Daisuke


This show gained a lot of attention for the stars, all members of popular Japanese pop band ‘Hiragana Keyakizaka46‘. Japan (like many of the Asian pop bands) have a long history of promoting their music bands through small mini-films that showcase the singers as the cast. The band will often sing and/or dance the opening song and promote it as one of their OSTs to fans. If you look at the cast for Re:Mind, you’ll notice they used their real names for the characters in the drama (e.g., Ishigo Mao plays the character ‘Mao’).

The song featured in Re:Mind was ‘Soredemo Aruiteru’ (それでも歩いてる) which means ‘Keep Walking Away.’

There are actually two parts to the show although Netflix combines them into 12 episodes + a special episode. The first was Re: Mind which tells the main story of their efforts to resolve the kidnapping before they are all killed by the villain. This was followed by Re:Wind which provides backstory and explains how the kidnapping came about – on Netflix, this is the special episode. It is best to watch Re:Mind first to avoid spoilers.

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