30 Days left to Solve AE Mysteries’ “Clue”

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AE Mysteries, also known as Adventure Escape Mysteries, is a mobile app that offers single-player adventure and escape-room puzzles for mystery-enthusiasts. They are produced by Haiku Games and associated with Hasbro, at least for ‘Clue’.

Rather than the now cliche ‘hidden picture’ games for mystery enthusiasts, these games are more in the puzzle and adventure style. The kind of edcape room games where you have to find the hints to figure out the safest code and uncover the hidden tools to turn on the sink to melt the ice to get to the weapon.

The graphics are beautiful, and the touch sensitivity is excellent for a mobile game. The games change and there are often time limits to solving the current puzzles.

In the current game ‘Clue’, the story and cast are based on the classic board game’s characters and board. Your job as the inspector is to identify the Who, What, and Where at the end of the game. Unlike some mysteries, it isn’t enough to just work through to the end where the game plays the solution out. In Clue, you have to actually pay attention to the details and guess the killer, weapon, and place as with the original board game.

It’s part interview and part puzzle solving, with Her Interactive’s Nancy Drew game vibes. The game took us about 3 hours to work through and was mostly easy to moderate difficulty. The last puzzle was pretty difficult though!

If you like a straightforward adventure game, this one is free and a fun way to pass the time! The app has other games that change fairly regularly, so check them out too!

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