Kenneth George Jones (Missing Man)

Kenneth George Jones (Missing Person)

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Nickname: Unknown
Alternative Name: Unknown

La Apoda: Desconocido
Nombres alternativos: Desconocido

Disappearance (Desaparición)

Missing from: 23 Ancrum Court, Glenrothes, Fife, Scotland
Date Missing: November 3, 1998 (Tuesday)
Suspect: Unknown

Falta de: 23 Corte Ancrum, Glenrothes, Fife, Escocia
Falta en la fecha: 3 de noviembre de 1998 (martes)
Sospechoso: Desconocido

Circumstances (Circunstancias)

Before he disappeared, there were no signs that Kenneth planned to run away and he showed no signs of stress or pressure. He was a generally happy young man, passionate about music and computers, and had not discussed being in trouble or distressed.

He spent the evening before competing with his uncle at video games, smiling and seemingly content. Finally, he took the trash out for his father and then headed upstairs to his room. This was the last time they would see him.

Kenneth snuck out of his home at approximately 7:00am that morning while his parents were still sleeping. Strangely, he left wearing clothing unsuited to the particularly cold temperatures that day, taking with him just a light jacket and some tennis shoes. The circumstances suggest he may have left abruptly for some reason and that his disappearance was not planned in advance. It is not clear if he took his identification with him, but he was carrying a small rucksack with unknown contents. According to his mother, he did not appear to take a change of clothes or money when he left (Link).

Source: Daily Record

Although there have been no confirmed sightings since that morning, there have been some possible witnesses.

In 2003, his grandmother was visited by a traveling salesman offering memberships to ‘Bit Issue.’ The grandmother showed the man Kenneth’s photo and he surprisingly said he recognized the young man. According to the salesman, Kenneth and he stayed in the same Salvation Army hostel for a while. The salesman believed Kenneth was currently living in Cheshire, using the alias ‘Paul’. While the lead appeared promising at the time, nothing has confirmed this supposed sighting.

In 2015, police discovered remains in the woodland area at Riverside Park in Glenrothes that they believed might be those of Kenneth and the family was informed. However, it appears the remains were confirmed not to be a match.

There were some rumors that Kenneth was living with the Roma, but his mother does not believe that would be in his nature. She claims he was not ‘street-wise’ and did not usually go out with others at night (Link). He was not the kind of person to hang out with groups drinking or partying. Instead, he typically stayed in his own neighborhood and would usually play on the computer at his uncle’s home when not otherwise occupied.

“We love him so much and just want to know he’s alright and safe, and we urge him to make contact with us if he happens to be reading this wherever he might be, that would be a relief from the torment and worry we continue to face,”

May Dodds, Aunt (Link)

Description (Descripción)

  • Date of Birth: Approximately 1980
  • Age: 18*
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: Scotland
  • Gender at Birth: Male
  • Hair: Short, Dark Brown Hair
  • Eye Color: Unknown
  • Height: 6’2″
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Languages Spoken: Unknown
  • Fecha de Nacimiento: Aproximadamente 1980
  • Años: 18
  • Etnia: Caucásico
  • Nacionalidad: Escocia
  • Sexo al nacer: Masculino
  • Cabello: Cabello castaño oscuro y corto
  • Color de los ojos: Desconocido
  • Altura: 187.96 cm
  • Peso: Desconocido
  • Idiomas: Desconocido

*Some sources say he was 17 at the time, but the Police and Missing People sites say he was 18.

Age progressed

Distinguishing Marks or Factors (Características Distintivas)

  • He has a small scar under his right eye.
  • Tiene una pequeña cicatriz debajo del ojo derecho.

Medical Concerns (Atención Médica)

  • Asthma
  • Asma

Suspect (Sospechoso)

  • Unknown
  • Desconocido

Clothing (Ropa)

  • Black blouson style leather jacket with zipped front
  • Black jeans
  • Yellow and green trainers
  • Small black/blue rucksack.
  • Signet Ring around his neck
  • Chaqueta estilo blusón de piel negra con cremallera frontal
  • vaquero negro
  • Zapatillas amarillas y verdes
  • Mochila pequeña negra/azul.
  • Anillo de sello alrededor de su cuello

Vehicle (Vehículo)

  • Unknown
  • Desconocido

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