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Hey guys! If you’re looking for a fun activity to make the winter nights pass a little faster, check out Hunt a Killer’s Mystery Boxes!

We have seen this company advertised across social media for a while, so we were thrilled for the opportunity to check out one of their games, “Body on the Boardwalk” and take it for a test drive. It ended up being a ton of fun, even more than we were expecting!

The games come with realistic evidence pieces and accessories which you then use, alongside the provided case files, to solve the mystery. The game tokens were pretty awesome and included the popcorn bag, newspaper clippings, the area map, and the cool locked tin box. Some of these you would be able to keep and use as souvenirs after the game as well, which makes it a lot of fun for younger audiences who enjoy mysteries.

When Katie Dunn, an employee at a seaside amusement park, turns up dead inside a popular ride, her boyfriend quickly becomes the prime suspect. Could someone else have had a score to settle with the victim, or is the boyfriend as guilty as he looks? Behind the boardwalk’s picturesque façade lies a criminal underworld where everyone’s got something to hide.

Hunt a Killer’s “Body on the Boardwalk”

Your task as the investigator is to read through the case notes that you were given by the authorities and carefully sift through the many pieces of evidence to figure out who did what, when, where, and why. How long the game lasts really depends on how many players and how easily your group side-wanders in the process. The company estimates about 45-60 minutes of fun, but it is quite a bit of reading. That makes it a lot of fun for mystery readers but can take longer depending on the group (individual’s) speed. It’s enough to make for a really fun evening or even a weekend if you broke it up and took it slow.

The company estimates the difficulty at 2 out of 5 levels and it really was not that difficult. Younger adults would certainly be able to play, and the company offers games of increasing difficult if you want to challenge yourself more!

The game is of course designed mostly for group play, but it really would be a lot of fun for a single-player as well. Play it as part of a murder-themed party or give it as a gift to one of your more introverted mystery fans. Adults would enjoy it, but I also thought it would have been perfect for those young adults at the age where they are consuming the Nancy Drew or Hardy Boy mysteries. If they like the adventure mystery computer games, this is a great board game alternative for them!

The quality of the accessories and game pieces was excellent and certainly worth the price once you add in the fun times playing the game. There were quite a few pieces in the box, which was itself solid and sturdy cardboard. You could take this game on the go with you and use it in a group without the box getting easily damaged, just be careful not to lose any of the pieces while you travel.

The nice thing about Hunt a Killer’s site is their wide selection of options. You can buy individual games, choose a bundle of games (great gift set), or even pick up one of their membership packages. These memberships give you a series of games that span six months to a year as you advance from mystery to mystery. I personally think it would be fun to take these on as a mystery-fan-club. You know, find some other mystery enthusiasts and solve a mystery each month. Make it a whole party with themed clothes and drinks and decor!

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