Featured True Crime Podcast: Murder Me on Monday

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Today we are thrilled to introduce you to a long running true crime podcast, “Murder Me on Monday.”

Key Terms: Solved, Homicide, Episodic, Global, 1900s – 2000s.

Your hosts, ‘Mother’ and ‘Cameron‘ enjoyed listening to podcasts during the COVID-19 lockdown but became frustrated with how often listeners were left with unanswered questions due to the style of presenting. So as 2021 brought forth a new year, they introduced us all to a new true crime podcast.

They carefully select each case based on its intriguing nature or a backstory that mainstream media may have overlooked. Mother then presents the stories and the findings of her research to Cameron who brings forth the questions that listeners want to know — who, how, and ultimately . . . why? They are storytellers, covering cases with angles that others have perhaps not seen before, unusual cases often with unusual motives.

Although they are based out of and often feature cases from the United Kingdom (UK), they also cover a range of other cases from around world. They typically cover cases that are outside of the mainstream news, featuring the lesser known victims who still deserve to be remembered. Although they tend to look at newer case files, they have covered some as far back as the 1930s. For those of you who like to have some answers to your stories, this podcasting team focuses on solved homicides.

They research each story in-depth and provide citations in the show’s notes so you can follow as deep into the rabbit trail as you wish. They typically base their work on primary sources first (e.g., trial transcripts) before considering more secondary references like newspapers.

Each case is covered chronologically, carefully following the events that led up to the incident before diving into the crime itself. To maintain an easy listening atmosphere for the listeners, they try not to overload you with too many names and titles while still providing you with in-depth coverage. As they say, sometimes the many co-conspirators can make keeping the characters straight quite difficult!

Having begun their interest in true crime as listeners, they focus on the questions that they themselves would have wanted answered — the statistics, background, and minuscule details that are often overlooked at a first glance.

Show Details

The show is episodic with a unique story covered in every episode. The stories last around thirty to forty-five minutes, perfect for listening during a workout!

The hosts believe that it is in the listeners’ best interest to not interrupt the episodes with advertising and do not include any ads in the shows themselves. Instead, they rely on the support from listeners; if you would like to help them out, please look into their Patreon!


They publish new cases every Monday, with their most recent case airing just yesterday (May 29)!

The Newest Episode

You can find their newest episode online today, just look for “#111 – The Flactif Family Massacre.”

Description: “A family murdered because someone was resentful and jealous or was it because he was ripped off like so many others were? Did he really intend to take over the house and business and pretend to carry on? Regardless of his motive, his solution was illogical.”

Where to Find Them?

The Murder Me on Monday podcast airs on most of the major podcast databases including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Podcast Index, Amazon Music, and Stitcher. Their main platform however is Buzzsprout (see button below).*

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Talk to the Hosts & Stay Up to Date!

The podcasts has a social media account on Twitter (@MMonMonday) and Instagram (murdermeonmondaypodcast) so feel free to follow them online to get familiar with the hosts and stay up to date on new episodes!

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