Harald Lognvik (Missing Person)

Harald Lognvik (Missing Person)

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Nickname: Unknown
Alternative Name: Snottus

La Apoda: Desconocido
Nombres alternativos: Snottus

Disappearance (Desaparición)

Missing from: Almelien 13, Jar, Bærum, Viken, Norway 1358
Date Missing: August 4, 2023 (Friday)
Suspect: Unknown

Falta de: Almelien 13, Jar, Bærum, Viken, Norway 1358
Falta en la fecha: 4 de agosto de 2023 (viernes)
Sospechoso: Desconocido

Circumstances (Circunstancias)

Harald is an active and generous young man, with an extensive experience traveling throughout Norway and the world at large independently. He grew up on a farm in Rauland, Norway, a small town surrounded by extensive outdoor adventure opportunities from hiking to fishing to water sports and more. Rauland is set against the Telemark region which is well known for its beautiful hills and coastlines.

Telemark (Source: Randi Hausken)

It is no surprise then that Harald has an exploratory nature with a passion for the outdoors and long hikes. Eventually his passion for adventure led him to push himself out of his comfort zone as he applied to the “Doctors Without Borders” program and spent three years using his experience in Civil Engineering and Management to work in the Middle East (Iraq and Lebanon). Although his experience broadened his horizons, Harald eventually returned to his home country in January 2021 and resettled in Oslo where he lives near his two brothers. According to an interview in 2021, Harald is described as a dedicated worker, someone who is responsible and energetic while remaining flexible and upbeat.

Harald comes from a large, close-knit family and still retains connections with many of his childhood friends from Rauland. Harald is a self-contained type of person who can easily entertain himself and prefers books to television; according to his family, he is also a skilled artist at drawing.

The last contact with Harald appears to have been sometime Thursday night, August 3. Harald either turned his phone off or it died at around 2:40am on Friday morning and there has been no communication with him since that moment. Family visited the home on Friday afternoon and throughout Saturday but their knocks went unanswered and eventually the police were informed.

On Monday, the police arrived at the apartment and opened it to find that Harald was gone. He is believed to have left the apartment right after the mobile phone shut off on Friday morning.

Although his clothing is unknown, he generally wore outdoor-style clothes with beige or darker colors and a baseball cap. He also typically wore a backpack and it is believed that he may have taken a large suitcase or bag with him that morning. A witness thought they observed Harald placing the suitcase into a small black SUV (possibly a BMW) before driving it away; however, this sighting has not been confirmed. Harald does not own his own vehicle so if this sighting is true, he must have gotten the vehicle from someone else. If anyone observed Harald or a similar car that stood out between Monday July 31 and Thursday August 3, you are asked to contact police.

As the capital city of Oslo has grown over the centuries, it has slowly extended its suburban reach into the neighboring municipality of Bærum, separated only by the river Lysakerelven. Bærum is an affluent area, home to one of Norway’s most high-end residential neighborhoods (the West End Oslo) and is considered one of the best places to live in the country. The region is a breathtaking combination of artistic and cultural things to do and stunning coastal and mountain scenery.

Harald lived in an apartment in the district of Jar, located in Bærum, just across the river from Oslo. There are various leads that suggest Harald was traveling in the local area around Jar and he may have been moving in the streets near the Hagabråten grillområde, a barbecue joint close to his apartment. He often frequented the basketball court at Eikeli High School and may have headed in that direction as well. There are no confirmed sightings, but visitors in these areas are asked to keep an eye out and local businesses are asked to check their local CCTV for around that time.

Police have been combing the larger Jar district, as well as the streets alongside the Lysakerelven River. Both manpower and K-9 units contributed to the search but it appears they have no uncovered any new information regarding where Harald went after leaving his home.

The surrounding hills and mountains were near and dear to Harald’s heart and he often went on long walks to hike along the forests and trails. An avid outdoorsman, he may have traveled towards the trails of Nordmarka, along Bogstadvannet, Fossum, and Sundvollen. He may alternatively have headed towards his hometown of Rauland as well and may be hiking in the Telemark natural areas which he enjoys. A frequent solo traveler, he was used to exploring alone and may travel unaccompanied.

The family and fellow search teams have hosted several searches of the surrounding hills and nature areas. Police have also been searching the area around his home including both sides along the Lysakerelva, up and down the river. If you would like to assist, you can find more information on their Facebook page.

Map of some areas they have attempted to cover during the searches (Source: Savant Harald Lognvik)

Description (Descripción)

  • Date of Birth: September 2, 1984
  • Age: 39
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: Norway
  • Gender at Birth: Male
  • Hair: Blonde Hair
  • Eye Color: Blue Eyes
  • Height: 5’10” (178cm)
  • Weight: 154lbs (70kg)
  • Languages Spoken: Norwegian, English
  • Fecha de Nacimiento: 2 de septiembre de 1984
  • Años: 39
  • Etnia: Caucásico
  • Nacionalidad: Noruega
  • Sexo al nacer: Masculino
  • Pelo: Pelo rubio
  • Color de los ojos: Ojos azules
  • Altura: 5’10” (178cm)
  • Peso: 154 libras (70 kg)
  • Idiomas: Noruego, ingles

Distinguishing Marks or Factors (Características Distintivas)

  • Left-Handed
  • Quick and Purposeful Gait
  • Zurdo
  • Estilo de marcha rápido y decidido.

Medical Concerns (Atención Médica)

  • Unknown
  • Desconocido

Suspect (Sospechoso)

  • Unknown
  • Desconocido

Clothing (Ropa)

  • He typically wears outdoor-style clothing in darker earth-toned colors with some beige or khaki.
  • He usually wears a baseball cap with a Jeep logo
  • He typically carries a backpack and may have had either a smaller khaki backpack or a larger Molle-system style bag in black (or possibly khaki).
  • He may have been wearing Alfa’s Walk King Air Boots.
  • He may have had with him a tent as well.
  • Por lo general, usa ropa de estilo outdoor en colores más oscuros con algo de beige o caqui.
  • Suele llevar una gorra de béisbol con el logo de Jeep.
  • Por lo general, lleva una mochila y es posible que haya tenido una mochila caqui más pequeña o una bolsa estilo sistema Molle más grande en negro (o posiblemente caqui).
  • Es posible que haya estado usando botas Walk King Air de Alfa.
  • Es posible que también llevara consigo una tienda de campaña.

Vehicle (Vehículo)

  • Unknown
  • Desconocido

If You or Anyone You Know Has Information About The Disappearances, Please Contact:

  • Oslo Politidistrikt
  • VSAR (Viken Search & Rescue) at 909-77-393
  • Your Nearest Norwegian Embassy
  • Your National Police

Or use the QR Code (right) to find contact information for various National Police Agencies

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