Royal Medical Examiner (Film Review)

Royal Medical Examiner - The story takes place during the historical Ming Dynasty. Late one evening, the cries of a baby were suddenly heard in Lin'an County Cemetery and two corpses lie in a grave one on the other. Murder is clear, but the means not so much and a local medical examiner Song Shao is called in to investigate.

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What’s Your Chinese Animal?

Today's Mystery is all about the Lunar New Year! This is the festival better known as the 'Chinese New Year' or 'Spring Festival', but it is really celebrated by several other Asian countries. In South Korea, it's known as Sollal (설날). In Vietnam, Tết or Tết Nguyên Đán. The Spring Festival also lasts longer than the western celebrations - in China it will extend for 7 days this year . . . it was longer last year because of the virus. In any event, if your year hasn't been going particularly well or if you want a second crack at those New Year's resolutions - now's the time! Start fresh! So today, we're…

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