Introduction to the Japanese Criminal System

As a lawyer, my particular specialization is International Business Law and I studied abroad in several countries during Law School to gain more experience with foreign legal systems. While criminal cases are not my area of expertise, I'm still fascinated by criminal systems from other countries and how they compare to my own. One of the countries I studied in was Japan, and the differences between our legal system and theirs was fascinating. Unlike the US who was based on the British common law system, Japan has a greater influence from Germany and is one of those countries that applies a civil law system. Some of the differences are more obvious and some…

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The Melbourne Club Connection (True Crime)

The Melbourne Club Connection ➜ Between 1954 and 1990, three women of similar circumstances disappeared and/or were murdered in the Melbourne area.  Although decades spanned one case from another, police have reason to believe the three incidences may have been the work of the same individual. 

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