Huang Jiaming (Missing Child)

Huang Jiaming (黄嘉铭)

Nickname: Unknown
Alternative Name: Unknown

绰号: 不明
别名: 不明

Disappearance (失踪事件)

Missing from: Children’s Park in Zhongshan Square, Ningbo City, Zhejiang, China
Date Missing: April 15, 2007 (Sunday)
Suspect: Unknown

失踪地点: 中山广场儿童乐园浙江省宁波市
失踪日期: 于2007年4月15日星期天下午在
嫌疑人的说明: 不明

Circumstances (失踪情况)

On a Sunday afternoon in April 2007, Jiaming became lost at a children’s park in Ningbo City in the province of Zhejiang.

Jiaming is autistic and has some difficulty communicating with other people. He does not speak often and can appear to be deaf but has no actual hearing difficulties.

Jiaming can write both Chinese and English words, and he can write out his home address if people are patient and guide him. He likes to play with buttons, for example calculators, cell phones, elevator buttons, computers, etc.

If you do interact with Jiaming, please be careful. He may be skittish and easily spooked into running away. It is better to contact police immediately instead.

Description (受害者的说明)

  • Date of Birth:
  • Age at Disappearance: 10
  • Ethnicity: Asian
  • Nationality: China, Australia
  • Gender at Birth: Male
  • Hair: Dark Hair
  • Eye Color: Dark Eyes
  • Height: 4’3″ (130cm)
  • Weight:
  • Languages Spoken: Chinese
  • 出生日期:
  • 失踪年龄: 10岁
  • 种族: 亚洲人
  • 国籍: 中国、澳大利亚
  • 出生时性别: 男性
  • 头发: 深色头发
  • 眼睛颜色: 深色眼睛
  • 高度: 4’3″(130cm)
  • 重量:
  • 语言: 汉语

Distinguishing Marks or Factors (区分特征)

  • Mole on his Right Eyebrow
  • 右边眉毛中有一颗痣

Medical Concerns (医疗条件)

  • Autism. He rarely speaks and does not communicate with people easily. Initial interactions may make it appear he is deaf, but his hearing is fine.
  • 由于孩子患有自闭症,极少说话,不善于与人交流。初次接触时孩子不会搭理别人的问话,易被误认为是聋哑儿童,实际听力正常。其举止行为不同于一般孩子。

Clothing (服装)

  • Brown and Yellow Jacket
  • Dark Pants
  • Black Shoes
  • 走失时身穿棕黄色茄克,深色长裤,黑皮鞋

Suspect (嫌疑人的说明)

  • Unknown
  • 不明

Vehicle (车辆说明)

  • Unknown
  • 不明

If You or Anyone You Know Has Information About The Disappearances, Please Contact:

  • Ministry of Public Security (China’s National Police)
  • China Public Security Network (中华寻人网)

Or use the QR Code (right) to find contact information for the National Police.


  • China Public Security Network is the primary source for the data listed above. We worked to translate it into English and provide contact details for foreigners.



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